Weekly Forecast August 3: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Solar Eclipse in the Cook Island, see credit belowWell, this is my big week, with a lunar eclipse exactly on my Sun at 13 degrees Aquarius on Wednesday. Over the past year, I’ve been alternatively dreading and anticipating this moment, hoping that something would shift to bump me up a notch.

Anyone with the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant within five degrees of this eclipse is likely to experience sudden or sweeping changes. An eclipse on Venus or Mars will be noticeable, too.

Even if this eclipse doesn’t touch any of your personal planets or chart angles, a situation or relationship that has dominated your life in the past year and a half will come to closure or resolution now. That’s because this is the last eclipse in a series in Aquarius and Leo, which began in February 2008. Wherever Aquarius and Leo fall in your natal chart, that’s where you can expect to experience a final chapter. I wrote about this in a Saturday Extra! column on July 11. Also, for more information on this Full Moon eclipse, check out Neith’s excellent post (we skipped last week’s Q&A in order to get it to you as soon as possible).

Wednesday’s Full Moon may have an entirely different meaning for you, in that it brings to fullness the energy of the powerful solar eclipse on July 21 at 29 degrees Cancer. If you didn’t notice anything in particular then, you may feel the effects now. Admittedly, there’s so much going on in the sky that it’s hard to tell which celestial phenomena are associated with particular events in your life (notice that I didn’t write “caused”). If you’re confused and want to know more, I highly recommend a session with your favorite consulting astrologer.

Whether this lunar eclipse or the previous solar eclipse is the bigger influence for you, you may be feeling the effects already. In 1990, the last time we had eclipses at these degrees, I started feeling the lunar eclipse two months in advance, and those events reverberated into my life for a good year afterward. It should be noted, however, that the lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Aquarius in 1990 was not the last one in a series, so events continued to unfold as the eclipses in Aquarius and Leo progressed into 1991. Perhaps this eclipse will be the last chapter to more than one book, kind of like the gripping conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

So, enough about eclipses! There are other things happening this week, too, although they pale in comparison. On Monday, Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Virgo is one of Mercury’s two home signs, although it can make a nitpicker out of the Messenger. Fortunately, this easy trine aspect lends itself toward constructive criticism, and Pluto in Cap will get right on the job and fix whatever needs repair, whether it’s your garden fence or a ding in your self-esteem.

After being eclipsed by the Sun on Wednesday, the Moon spends Thursday carrying that energy to Neptune & Co., all of whom are retrograde I’ve written a lot about the healing potential of this triple conjunction. Since they’re all going back, we might expect a final chapter in a healing process than began sometime in the past 18 months. Or, you might have been working on issues from the distant past. Again, to understand how this energy is active in your life, look at which house in your natal chart Neptune is currently occupying.

On Friday, Mercury sextiles Venus. Once again, the nitpicking tendencies of Mercury in Virgo are softened by an easy aspect. Venus in Cancer is receptive, and so this combination is good for discussing potentially upsetting issues in a sensitive and caring way. Remember, you don’t need a sledgehammer when a simple tap will suffice. Moreover, the Moon in Pisces on Friday and Saturday make it easy to empathize with others. Being kind was never so easy, so take every opportunity to open your heart.

Much love and courage to all, see you on the other side.
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The “solar eclipse of the century,” July 21, 2009. Alan Dyer, who was on a cruise ship sailing in the Northern Cook Islands, captured this amazing image at the peak of the event. You can see more images by Alan and other eclipse chasers on SpaceWeather.com.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast August 3: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

  1. Gauri

    Hi Pat, thank you for this post. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time but it’s my first time leaving a comment here. I’m curious as to how this upcoming eclipse will play out just as you are. I don’t have any natal planets in Aqua or Leo at this degree but my progressed Sun is in Aqua at 11 degrees 54 min & my progressed Venus is in Aqua too at 13 degrees & 39 min. So they both will have a direct hit from this eclipse. I’ve tried to research how eclipses can affect you if they hit the progressed planets but unfortunately I couldn’t find much information. Is there a resource (book/website) that you can recommend? I would appreciate it,thanks :-)


  2. L00SEY

    Hey, Pat! As usual, I find your articles (and Neith’s!)to be very useful and informative. I feel your pain, and like you and Gauri, I am anxiously awaiting this lunar eclipse to see what affects it will have on my life. Although my moon is not within five degrees of the eclipse, it is within 11 degrees at 24 degrees Aquarius in my midheaven. I am not yet sure what that will mean, but I am sure it will be interesting, right? Best of luck and thanks again for your advice and kind wisdom!


  3. KayKay

    I don’t really want to know what the eclipse may bring–but who has a choice?

    In March an undiagnosed tumor in my uterus abscessed. I was hospitalized for nearly 12 weeks, had an emergency hysterectomy and bladder reconstruction, lost a portion of my memory, nearly died of septic shock, and was eventually told I have stage 4 cancer.

    Having been told that I’d never make it out of the hospital alive, my loving relatives rushed to my home to go through my things, threw half of them out, and dispersed the rest for other people’s use. This old laptop computer I’m currently using, my New Age CDs and an old CD player are about all I’ve got left.

    In late May I got out of the hospital and could not stand up on my own till mid-July. We found out that while it’s true I started out with cancer in 3 locations, only the tumor in the uterus was extensive … the other locations were tiny spots. The ones in the uterus and bladder have been removed and the bladder reconstruction has been deemed totally successful. My oncologist joked about the old Mark Twain quote … the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

    While I have no memory of this, 3 friends have told me I once told them that trouble must be brewing in my “female business”–indicated by Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron squaring my 12th house Taurus moon from Aquarius. According to my friends, I also said that my “festering” health issues were no doubt tied to a series of eclipse aspects to my sun in Leo.

    While I’m not eager to have any more complications, it will be interesting to see what kind of resolution this eclipse heralds for my situation!


  4. marymack

    Hi Pat,

    A little shout-out to a fellow Aquarian, myself lost in the Neptunian haze for what SEEMS LIKE AGES! I am sensing a little anxiety from you and I wish there were something I could say that might connect, somehow, to lighten the load. How about this: we are detached, we Aquarians, right? So, we can totally do this and love it for the changes to come. :) Myself, I’ve got Mercury on my ascending @ 21 Aqua and a Sun @ 25, not to mention Chiron (12th house) @ 1 Aqua … and I’m born and raised in DC! What a small world.

    Anyway, my thought is this: we are going to be awesome at processing intense energy, eh?



  5. KayKay

    Thanks, Mem. Despite my cranky remark about my relations (who really did wipe out my valuables and are now dragging their heels about returning things), I’ve actually had some fabulous support through all this.

    Now that the eclipse is over, I can say this: 1) The date of the eclipse brought news of a party at which I will re-connect with an old friend who may be interested in my business idea. 2) At nearly the same time, I received mixed news regarding a pending financial matter. It’s to be settled in my favor, though not to the extent I previously thought. Still, gain is better than loss!

    I hope all fellow astrology fans posting here fared as well or better.


  6. Anomali

    This eclipse occurred in my 11th house. I received an e-mail from the first kindred spirit I met in this life. Our friendship ended with plenty of emotional upset nearly 25 years ago and I had not had contact with her until the night of the eclipse.


    That was some powerful activation of a handful of transits in the eleventh house and their aspects to some personal and generational planets.


  7. KayKay

    It would be interesting to know what triggered your friend to reach out to you after all this time, Anomali. I hope you are able to remain connected in a peaceful fashion from here on.


  8. Mem

    The eclipse fell in my 8th house, in a wide opposition to my Leo Sun at 8 degrees and my Merc in Leo at 19 degrees. (Does that count?)

    I had a second date with the younger man who is just a lovely gentleman. I don’t know what will happen next or even if we’ll see each other again but just being with him was a gift. I learned so much from him in such a short time. I felt that if I attracted someone like that in my life, then I’m on the right path. I would feel very lucky to have a man like him as a partner. On the other hand, detachment, right? And all we did was talk and have some beers and enjoy a lot of awkward silences. I never knew the awkwardness could be so great. Anyway, just a beautiful beautiful man.


  9. deb


    Ran into someone I didn’t need to run into. Awk. Ward. THANKS A LOT, cosmos. Really.

    In the end, though, it was really funny and adventurous to get the heck away from the scene. Felt like I was in an action-flick, successfully escaping peril.

    I had a happy ending, tonight…


  10. Neith

    Yeah, me too. Having JU conjunct my Sun, I tend to anticipate happy endings . . . and have gotten them more often than not. :-)

    Ongoing internal debate about self-fulfilling prophecies these days . . .


  11. tlynn

    Hello ,
    On the night of the full moon eclipse my guy told me that a girl is claiming he is the father of her new born baby… wow,,, its not the act that is distressing me as we were not together then but he is not talking much and I am freaking out he is actually thinking of “doing the right thing” with someone whom he had a one night stand with…!!!
    My heart is breaking, and I am just trying to be his friend at the moment till the test comes back,,, I am a mess


  12. deb

    Hubby and I fled the scene. Laughed the entire time.

    We boarded a train for home, kissed and then went for a burger :) = my happy ending.


  13. les

    Oh dear. Eclipse was 3 degrees before my Descendant, opposite Uranus/Ascendant/Moon. Was finding fault with my relationship all weekend, trying to ignore it — besides the eclipse, Saturn had just moved off exact my Sun square natal Saturn (5th), and then Mars moved in to square and oppose them. Sigh. Urge to break the whole thing off. But it’s the first time I’ve been in a committed relationship in many years, and so much good there. Trying to figure it out. Maybe some other change needed besides a total break.


  14. les

    What I would like to change is the Uranus/Ascendant/Moon notion that if something’s not working I need out and have to be alone, which is no doubt why I’ve been alone most of my 50 years. Surely there’s room for differences to co-exist…


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