Ask Our Readers: Saturn, Venus and Aging Gracefully

Michelle Pfieffer at 50Over the course of the past year I’ve been living through my second Uranus square Uranus transit. That and Pluto conjoining my progressed Sun in Capricorn have me thinking about what it means to grow older along with taking a look at the clues in our charts showing how we will handle this phase.

Of course I immediately thought Saturn because that is the planet most associated with how we mature and with time. However, after further consideration and bouncing some of my ideas off Pat, I realized Venus has a role to play too. If your Venus is in aspect to Saturn, or in Saturn ruled Capricorn, perhaps this will make the adjustments to the aging process easier – or not.

My Venus in Sagittarius is widely trine to Saturn in Leo and I know I’ve benefited a great deal from Saturn’s tempering influence. When I was undergoing my second Saturn return a couple of years ago, transiting Saturn was trine Venus and then triggered the natal trine when it conjoined my natal Saturn. This brought to the fore all the issues about using hormone replacement therapy, plastic surgery or botox, and various other means to look younger. The only course of action I have ever considered is the old standby of eating a healthy diet and staying active both mentally and physically. Going to extreme means to look younger and sexually attractive makes me shudder.

However, there are many variations on this theme and I’m wondering what importance this issue has for you and what is going on in your chart to support your thoughts and feelings.

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

Image: Photo of Michelle Pfeiffer at fifty. She had Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius and allegedly has not resorted to plastic surgery as have so many of her compatriots. I did look at several celebrity charts of those who aged well and found Venus-Neptune aspects rather than Saturn. A little illusion can go a loooong ways. LOL


10 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Saturn, Venus and Aging Gracefully

  1. Rossa

    My Venus in Pisces is heavily aspected with squares to Mars, Jupiter and my MC. Opposing Pluto in Virgo, trine Neptune and sextile Saturn in Capricorn, my Asc. Whew!

    What that astro soup means about aging for me I don’t know. However, I’m really ok with this, probably helped by some good role models i.e. 6 female relatives aged between 90 and 98. So in my family I’m still young. (No husband or kids may help too….lol)

    On top of that the white skin of the redhead doesn’t tan, which used to be a big bugbear for me. But it also means virtually no wrinkles as my skin hasn’t got too much sun damage that can age some people.

    And a positive optomistic outlook on life means I’m always smiling and a good laugh releases stress and tension….hey I’m wonderful (only kidding).

    Downside is I love my food and a glass of wine or two and have an aversion to exercise so good genes or none, there are some things you can’t avoid when your waistline is expanding. And starting the menopause may put other hormonal challenges in front of me so I’ll need all the good humour I can find.

    Love the photo of Michelle. We may be the same age but I certainly don’t have her figure. Hope my Venus-Neptune trine hasn’t been fooling me all along. Where’s that mirror gone “…time for my close up”


  2. Pat Post author

    Good genes help, too. And who knows what Michelle Pfeiffer is doing that isn’t technically cosmetic surgery? If you have enough money, you have all kinds of options…

    Still, I agree that trying to look like you’re 20 at 50 or 60 isn’t appropriate. Aging with grace and good taste … that would be my Venus in Cap, who’s also in the twelfth house, which concerns the later period in life.

    If I had the bucks, I’d do some cosmetic surgery. Small things. Nothing that required taking my ears off and sewing them back on for having black eyes for two weeks. That’s going way too far, especially for someone who doesn’t depend on her looks for a living. Coloring my hair? Sure. I use non-permanent color, fewer nasty chemicals. Beyond that, eating a good diet and exercising are good strategies.

    I do feel that I look better the older I get, and that is consistent with Venus in Cap.


  3. Deirdre Crowley

    Hi Neith,

    Yet another timely post. I have Venus square to Saturn in my chart – and still waiting for love. On the other hand, I have been a dark blond all my life BUT last week took the (drastic) measure of getting my hair coloured a dark brunette. I think it makes me look a little older although most comments have been that it takes years off me. I look a completely different person, maybe it’s Saturn coming to the end of his sojourn through Virgo (ascendant), I don’t know, only that I had this urge and actually went and did it (been thinking about it for only about two years now).

    As for the effect it will have on my romantic life, I’m not sure, funny thing was though,it wasn’t about that at all.

    All the best,


  4. ccpup

    I have Saturn and Venus conjunct in Aries in my chart — with an Aries Sun, a Taurus Moon and Jupiter/Uranus in Libra — and I still look the same way I did 10 years ago!

    Granted, I’m very disciplined (thanks, Saturn) in how I take care of my skin. Sunscreen, moisturizer, the right soaps and scrubs. I also tend to be dedicated to something once I find what works, another Saturn trait.

    I suspect some of my luck — 40 looking 30 — has to do with the aforementioned discipline and some has to do with the genes I’m working with. My Mom, who passed suddenly at 50, had a peaches-and-cream complexion with very little signs of aging right up until the end.

    So, although it’s a bug-a-boo for relationships — I tend to go for authority figures I then have authority over LOL –, this Saturn/Venus conjunction seems to be my painting in the attic à la Dorian Gray. :^)


  5. inishglora

    My take on this is not so much about me as it is about who I relate to. All, and I mean *all* of my friends and lovers are (or were) older than I by a significant degree. I have always gotten along better with people older than my age cohort and I suspect it has to do with a 1st house Saturn. OTOH I’ve been mistaken for age 25 when I’m actually 36, and 1st house natal Saturn supposedly looks younger as they get older but I dunno about the waistline part as my father’s side of the family runs to heavyset. I have already taken steps to nip that one in the bud!


  6. Lucy

    As I’m sure I’ve said a million places all over the Internet, my Venus is in Aquarius, conjunct my MC and Pallas Athena, and in a T-square with Mars in Scorpio in my 6th House and Chiron and Juno in my 12th House. Venus also trines my Moon and Ascendant and widely squares my Saturn. I don’t know immediately what that would mean as far as aging goes, but I actually think about aging quite a bit, and how I’m going to handle it. I still want to look young when I’m older, but like you guys, I don’t want to have to get any procedures, because it really does look wrong somehow, unless you have the money to get an entire body upgrade. (Like if you get your eyes done, but you still have jowls? Or you get breast implants but the skin is hanging off your arms? Yeah, that looks fake.)

    I think I’m on a good track now- I take very good care of my skin and hair, and I’m getting a lot better at varying my diet now that I’m not working 24/7. People generally think I’m significantly younger than I am. (Which yeah, I’m 25, so you’re probably thinking, “So what, how much younger is that?” But the truth is, my age is usually when most women are artificially tanning and smoking and otherwise screwing up their skin. I’ve met women only ten years older than me who look old enough to be my mother, if she had started young. Not even joking.)

    My goal for aging is to look pretty much exactly as I do now, but a little more distinguished. But my colorist told me that it’s best to stay natural-looking when you’re young and then after age 40 you can start going crazy and experimenting. So if looking exactly like I do now for the rest of my life doesn’t work out, with Venus-Pallas in Aquarius, I’m more than happy to do the psycho-biddy Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? thing. :)


  7. Neith Post author

    I LOVE all these comments!!! Lots of Saturn-Venus in this group and it shows.

    Just for the record, the happiest I was with my body & looks was around 40~ when I was going thru the mid-life transit of Uranus op Uranus.

    @Lucy those who go for artificial tanning are sooooo screwed. Must be lots of $$$$$ being made off those or they would have been shut down years ago. ::::smacks forehead::::


  8. deb

    The artificial tanning people are looking orange, these days. Um, why is that “hot”?


    I agree with Lucy. Lots of ladies my age (29) also drink WAY too much, socially, which nastily affects the body from the inside-out. Literally. Like the alcohol seeps through pores and stuff– that’s creepy.

    I’m working on lessening worries, everyday, and finding happiness in whatever I do. I wish to age gracefully.

    In the meantime, I feel more attractive with each passing year, so I must be doing something right :).


  9. Meow

    I have Venus conjunct Saturn in Leo (actually that would be the only aspect my Venus makes to any of my natal planets) and I have to say that while (most people say and I seem to attract men on average 5 to 10 years younger than I am) I look “youngish”, at 31, I do worry GREATLY about growing older.

    I have not resorted to surgery, and I certainly do not tan (whether on a bed or under the sun), but I definitely am up there in terms of vitamin consumption and care of my skin. I exercise, have never smoked, do not leave a house with anything less than SPF 30 (SPF 50, if possible), avoid afternoon sun, avoid smoke-filled environments, have always been a healthy weight…

    All the same, I feel a certain sense of dread about growing older. It could also be my Mars in Virgo.


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