Real Astrologer’s Poll: Recovering from Saturn-Uranus and the New Moon?

The third Saturn-Uranus opposition is history, along with last week’s New Moon in Virgo. We’re wondering how that went for you.

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For me, the third pass of the Saturn-Uranus was much less dramatic in terms of external events than the one on November 4, 2008, and February 5, 2009 – and believe me, I am very grateful for that. We have roughly six months until the next exact pass on April 26, 2010 at 28 degrees Virgo-Pisces before this show moves into Aries-Libra. Now that will be exciting!!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

3 thoughts on “Real Astrologer’s Poll: Recovering from Saturn-Uranus and the New Moon?

  1. Neith Post author

    The New Moon-Saturn in my 10th finally convinced me I needed to find a better balance between family demands & work – recognizing limitations in time and energy. It is not possible to fulfill all expectations . . . duh.

    Saturn in Virgo also put paid to a life long love of eating chocolate. Too hard on an over-stressed stomach sadly enough. Same with sugary treats. When one small portion results in hours of discomfort, that’s that. So I’m left with no vices to speak of in my old age. What fun is that?! LOL


  2. inishglora

    Ohhh… Another *head-smack* from behind, a la Jethro Gibbs! Now I see why the urge (Moon) to travel (Mercury) to a hermitage (Saturn?) came out of the blue (Uranus) on 9/18. The New Moon and the Saturn/Uranus opp may not have occurred in my 6th house of service but they did occur in Virgo in my 5th. Then on 9/22, by the time the Moon moved to my 6th house, I heard about a retreat center about an hour from my home. When I researched (Scorpio…?) that and other retreat centers (undoubtedly Scorpio!) I saw a photo of a cottage one center built for solitary retreats. I got a little choked up (Moon in 6th house that is ruled by service-oriented Virgo in the natural zodiac). Clue phone ringing off the hook! My job has been simply insane lately and I need a sabbatical before I burn out. I need to make this retreat happen before the year is out.


  3. Neith Post author

    Great idea, inishglora! The widespread stress levels hit those in the helping professions particularly hard. You deserve a rejuvenating sabbatical. :-D

    I’ve noticed if tUranus aspects natal Mars directly or indirectly, our adrenals get triggered frequently and eventually run us into the ground. Doesn’t seem to matter whether what type of aspect either. Sure has been the case for me this past year!


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