Real Astrologer’s Poll: Saturn in Libra’s Effect On Relationships.

Saturn enters Libra tomorrow, the first time since September 1980. Some of you weren’t even born yet!

Since Libra is the sign of relationships, and among Saturn’s attributes is commitment, we think there will be a renewed emphasis on commitment in all kinds of relationships, from domestic and business partnerships to relationships between citizens and governments, and governments and the rest of the world.

In this week’s poll, we’d like to know whether you are thinking about relationships any differently lately as a result of Saturn’s imminent shift into Libra.

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3 thoughts on “Real Astrologer’s Poll: Saturn in Libra’s Effect On Relationships.

  1. Neith Post author

    Boy, only a day into Saturn in Libra and I’m already looking around wondering how I can streamline my life. :-)

    May have this done for me because Fairpoint Communications declared bankruptcy Oct 26 and they own the local landline phone company my internet service provider uses for my DSL connection. Like many rural people, cable is not an option and neither is wireless. If the DSL equipment is not maintained my internet connection may be limited to dialup [HORRORS!!!!] We’ll see how this plays out over the months to come.


  2. Jennifer R

    Eh, I doubt it’ll make a difference to me. I am always in a state of “want a relationship and don’t want one” at the same time, and that hasn’t changed, and I highly doubt a miracle is going to occur to tip the scales in the other direction of finding somoene for the next 2 1/2 years.

    I think I will just end up feeling EVEN MORE left out of the world because I am hopelessly unpartnered and everyone else will be grabbing people left and right. Bleah, but there it is.


  3. deb

    Haha! Sorry, Neith.

    You know, I never thought I’d get over losing some friendships. But, ah, I’m over them…


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