Weekly Forecast November 9: Saturn Square Pluto

TransitionIf you think Friday the 13th is scary, try it while Saturn is squaring Pluto. I’m shaking in my boots.

OK, not really. But this isn’t going to be an easy week. It’s not that I think anything terrible is going to happen, just that we’re shifting into the cardinal energies now, and that means big changes are on the way. For a heavily fixed-sign person like me, it means more stumbling over the rearranged furniture. Some people are just better at adapting than others.

The cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — mark the beginning of a new season, at least in Western thought. In astrology, they are traditionally associated with the four chart angles. When transiting planets cross these angles in our natal charts, we typically experience major life events, changes, and breakthroughs.

Likewise, with four out of the five outer planets heading into cardinal signs, we can expect these changes to happen on a planetary scale. Since several of these planets will be in conflicting squares with each other, we also know that powerful forces will be working at cross purposes, each trying to dominate and gain the advantage over the others. It is going to be tense, chaotic, and maybe scary.

This week, we get an advance glimpse of this trend, when Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. The square is exact on Sunday, but we’ll feel it all week and into next week, too. The Moon in Libra on Thursday and Friday will activate this energy, so watch for clues on those two days. Who are you with? What are you doing? What news do you receive? Even if it doesn’t seem that significant, take note, because this may be part of a growing trend in your personal life. Keep an eye on the news headlines, too, because we may catch a glimpse of the global trends.

Taking the week day by day, we start with a sextile between Venus and Pluto overnight on Sunday (just after midnight Monday morning on the East Coast of the United States). We all know that Venus and Pluto make a sexy pair, although there can be obsession and jealousy, too. This is all the more likely with Venus in Scorpio. If you’re willing to go into some dark places in your psyche, you can use this aspect to grow, and this could be the seed of personal transformation.

For most of the day Monday, the Moon is in Leo, and she opposes Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Jupiter is gaining speed now and soon will make a last exact conjunction with Chiron and Neptune. Our healing has been slow and painful, but now we’re beginning to see results. I know quite a few people (myself included) whose lives are starting to turn around.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mercury in Scorpio squares Chiron and Neptune, making this a good time to talk about our healing process. Some wounds may never heal, but if we at least are aware of them and accept them as part of who we are, we can move forward lighter and less encumbered. For better or for worse, the Sun further illuminates our healing process this week when it squares Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune.

Mercury and the Sun also trine Uranus this week — Wednesday for Mercury and Saturday for the Sun. If you’re willing to shine the light into the dark corners of your heart and mind, you’ll probably find that what’s lurking in there isn’t so scary after all. If you’ve been going through a difficult time, remember that none of it is outside the human experience. Your responses are normal and understandable, including any discomfort you may have for feeling that way to begin with.

Sunday is the Saturn-Pluto square. Since the normal work week is Monday to Friday, I’m guessing that most of you will feel this more acutely next week. Just be aware of the buildup this week, though.

As usual, if you experience any noteworthy events that you believe are linked to any of these broad energy trends, leave a comment. Those of you who are part of the Real Astrologers community know that you’re not alone. Even though others aren’t experiencing exactly what you are, we’re on parallel paths, and often the emotions are the same, even if the names and places are different.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: A patron is reflected in a sculpture entitled “Transition,” by Satu Bushell. The work is part of the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Daniel Munoz of REUTERS.