Weekly Forecast November 16: New Moon in Scorpio, Sun Enters Sagittarius

The Rotting SeasonDevelopments that began unfolding last Thursday or Friday continue to play out in what promises to be another intense week. There likely will be another surprise or two, and it’s anyone’s guess whether it will be pleasant or of the other variety.

The week begins with a powerful New Moon in Scorpio. You’ve probably read Neith’s complete report, but if not, it’s a must-read. This New Moon comes fully loaded with six out of ten planets in fixed signs, virtually guaranteeing some sort of conflict.

Now, as I’m so fond of saying, not all conflict is bad. Sometimes we need it to push us out of a rut. If nothing else, we are forced to decide what we really want. If we don’t make a point of setting priorities, life sometimes hands us a situation to get our attention. That has happened to me a couple of times already in the past week, and I’m expecting more of it this week, with the New Moon dead on my lunar North Node and Midheaven.

If for some reason someone or something has you feeling cornered, look to the sign opposite the apex of the T-square for direction, which would range from about 11 degrees to 25 degrees of Taurus. In my chart, 25 degrees Taurus is my South Node and IC, so for resolution I might look to home, family, or memories from childhood. Or, if I come against a problem I can’t get a handle on, the source might be behavior I’m not aware of that no longer serves me. That’s what I would tell a client, anyway.

The New Moon can represent powerful new beginnings, so keep that in mind, too. Sometimes in order to make a fresh start, we need to leave something or someone behind for good.

On Tuesday, Mercury sextiles Saturn. Positive Mercury-Saturn contacts typically help our concentration. In this case, we may get some clarity regarding a long-term relationship, and we’ll be able to discuss matters frankly and honestly with the other person.

Venus squares Mars on Thursday, and this often can manifest as conflict in love relationships, especially involving issues of jealousy, possessiveness, and dominance. If you’re attracted to someone and are prevented from acting on it, one or both of you could end up frustrated and irritable. This is all the more true if you’re unaware of your feelings or deliberately suppressing them. But this aspect also represents the tension in an intimate relationship that leads to unbridled passion.

Also on Thursday, the Moon conjoins Pluto and squares Saturn. I wrote about this influence last week, when the Moon conjoined Saturn and squared Pluto. If you got a blip on your radar screen last Thursday or Friday (I did), it may grow into something more this week.

Relief from all this intensity comes on Saturday, when the Sun enters Sagittarius. The Archer is a centaur, a mythological creature who is half man, half horse. Except for Chiron, the centaurs were a wild bunch and loved playing around, in all senses of the word. But hey, we all have to cut loose once in awhile and have fun, damn the torpedoes. Just don’t do anything you’ll regret in the morning.

Wishing you all much love and joy,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: We’re seriously into winter here in the Pacific Northwest, with the relentless cold rain that leads to the most impressive composting and rot I’ve ever seen. Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth, and transformation, and here we are, in the uncomfortable dying out phase. Photo by Pat Paquette, all rights reserved.

1 thought on “Weekly Forecast November 16: New Moon in Scorpio, Sun Enters Sagittarius

  1. deb

    I’m definitely feeling a powerful new beginning… which usually comes from a powerful ending. Good ol’ Scorpio, so talented in helping us poop the unnecessary.

    I have loved Scorpio time because it’s assisted me in focusing my energies on lucrative yet *possible* opportunities. The step one of a three to four-step goal. But, honestly, I can’t wait to focus on the fun aspects of what I’m about to bring into town. Love Sagittarius sunshine– it makes everything better!


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