Weekly Forecast December 14: New Moon in Sagittarius, Mars Retrograde

Blewett PassWhen I’m traveling by air, I hate it when the plane lands and, for an agonizing few seconds, I’m subject to the negative g-force. That’s the feeling I have this week as Mars slows down in preparation for turning retrograde.

Although there’s a lot going on astrologically this week, the impending retrograde of Mars is what we’re likely to feel the most. That’s because Mars rules our physical energy, and when he’s slowing down (that’s what it looks like from down here anyway), we tend to do the same.

Mars also rules steel and moving parts, which means we’ll see his effect on holiday traffic. With Mercury also slowing down, we can expect mall traffic to be even more of a nightmare than usual. If you find yourself in that situation, stay alert for drivers who may be inclined to take out their frustrations on the gas pedal.

In her New Moon post, Neith already mentioned the dominant aspects of this week, but I’ll run through them here chronologically.

On Monday, the Sun squares Uranus and sextiles Jupiter. Conflicting angles between the Sun and Uranus sometimes suggest accidents and disruption, and while Jupiter may amplify them and make them really big, his lucky influence also can bring happy endings to tense situations. For many people, this planetary combination may indicate an exciting break in routine for something fun and totally unexpected.

On Tuesday, the Sun sextiles Neptune, which is in a three-way conjunction with Jupiter and Chiron. Sextiles tend to be easy, and often they pass without any notice. It’s also going to be just plain difficult to figure out which planetary combination triggers which event, since there are so many planets involved … kind of like trying to determine who caused a 12-car pileup.

Tuesday’s Moon-Venus conjunction makes this my favorite day of the week for a party or for getting together with friends after work for some holiday cheer.

Wednesday is the New Moon in Sagittarius, three degrees from the Galactic Center. Be on the alert for “downloads.” They could come in brilliant flashes of insight, in dreams, while meditating, or by some other means. Be sure to record these messages somewhere so that you can contemplate them over time.

An hour and a half after the New Moon, the Moon enters somber Capricorn and immediately triggers the Saturn-Pluto square. You may feel lonely, isolated, or disempowered under this influence, but it won’t last long.

Venus trines Mars on Thursday, just as he’s close to a complete halt. She’s got a captive audience, so he’ll just have to sit there and listen to her, and then he’ll go off and think about it. If any of you are having “discussions” with a partner who’s lagging a little behind you spiritually or emotionally, be patient and give him or her some space, while continuing to be completely honest about how you feel.

Saturday’s sextile from Venus to Chiron and square from Venus to Uranus promises to bring a surprising breakthrough in healing a rift between you and someone else.

Mars finally turns retrograde on Sunday. If you’re out and about, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Keep your to-do list short and your shopping reasonable, as it won’t take much to get shopped out. The Moon opposes Mars later in the day, increasing the risk of arguments due to overstimulation and fatigue.

Fortunately, we’ll also have Venus in a lovely sextile to Neptune and Jupiter to lift our spirits and help us remember what the holidays are all about. With so much media pressure to show our love through material gifts, we often forget that the best thing we can give is precious moments truly connecting with those we love.

Love, joy, and holiday wishes to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Snow on Blewett Pass, one of the few routes through the mountains separating the Seattle metropolitan area from the vast open stretches of Eastern Washington. Photo by Pat Paquette, all rights reserved.

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