Weekly Forecast January 11: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, Mercury Direct

Bust of Janus, Vatican Museum

Janus, the Roman god of gates, doors, beginnings, and endings for whom our first month of January is named. We're not only in a new year, but a new decade and a new energy pattern. Expect lots of endings and beginnings now.

This is a landmark week, with enough activity in the sky for a Hollywood thriller.

Not only do we have a solar eclipse, but Saturn turns retrograde, Mercury returns direct, and Jupiter enters Pisces. Whew! Each of these events is significant in itself, but together, they make for some powerful new beginnings with a willingness to experiment.

Taking events in order, Monday the Sun conjoins Venus. Normally this happy combination would translate to fun-filled social gatherings and easy expressions of love and affection. However, both Sun and Venus are still at an irritating inconjunct with Mars, so don’t be surprised if your date or lunch with a friend is marred by a misunderstanding or some other kind of disruption. If that happens, my advice is to try to let it go for now, or you’ll only get yourself deeper in the hole.

Saturn turns retrograde on Wednesday. Many of us noticed a decided change in atmosphere when Saturn entered Libra in late October. Relationships came more in focus, with an emphasis on fairness and equity rather than the perfection demanded by Saturn in Virgo. Alas, we return to that fastidiousness briefly when Saturn returns to Virgo from April 7 to July 21.

In the meantime, we can use Saturn’s retrograde energy to identify relationship issues that may need work over time. And some problems do require constant work and vigilance.

Friday is the eclipse (Thursday on the West Coast of the United States), the second in a pair of New Year eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer. This series began six months ago and feeds heavily into the shift to cardinal energy. Diane wrote a very fine post on New Year’s Day on this trend and will have a full report on Tuesday on the upcoming eclipse, so check back.

In short, the shift to cardinal energy means more action, and that means change. Whereas the fixed signs take their time in deliberating — often to the point of inertia — cardinal signs are quick to react, but this also can mean change just for the sake of change that isn’t well thought-out and doesn’t take the needs of the collective into account. Although we all think we want change, I do caution you to take care what you wish for. There is no doubt that we are in for some big changes, but I don’t see them as entirely positive.

In the short-term, though, Friday’s eclipse should produce some positive changes, some of which might be surprisingly so, as this eclipse not only is conjunct Venus but positively angled to Uranus. Even though it rules a fixed sign, Uranus is associated with innovation and change.

The big wild card in this eclipse is Saturn retrograde. Because Saturn rules this eclipse and turned retrograde just a day before, it could act as a giant braking system. In my fixed-sign mind, that would be a good thing!

Shortly after the eclipse, Mercury returns direct. Keep in mind that when Mercury stations, communications, traffic, and other Mercury ruled activities tend to come to a complete standstill. It would be best to wait a couple more days to sign contracts or make major purchases. That includes exchanging big-ticket holiday gifts. Make Sunday your day to go shopping. By then, the January sales will be in full swing, so you’ll probably get a better deal, too!

Sunday also is the day when Jupiter enters Pisces. With the Moon also entering the sign of the Fishes, we’ll have a lovely Moon-Jupiter conjunction to start off the week —or, if you’re on the West Coast of the United States, to end it. Let’s hope that the seed of this highly spiritual combination will be planted in the collective mind so that all may experience the oneness of all being, even if it’s only in our dreams.

Wishing you all much love and courage in these changing times,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat


2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast January 11: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, Mercury Direct

  1. deb

    Hollywood thriller? Guh-reat.

    I had a heavy feeling come in last night. A sadness that sat on my chest, you could say, and only now is it sort of lifting off. Someone is making me a hint uncomfortable (and it’s not easy to make me uncomfortable) by latching onto us in a weird way and, for the first time, we’re setting boundaries between ourselves and this person.

    I’m hoping that this is temporary… because it’s not everyday I feel this way. In fact, this sensation is rare and usually serves as a warning of some sort.

    Hope it’s a good week…


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