Latest News & Saturn in Libra Video

Since Saturn in Libra is currently squaring Mercury, newly direct in Capricorn, as well as Pluto in Capricorn, this video I made shortly after Saturn entered Libra at the end of October 2009 is still apropos.

Between Mercury being a virtual standstill and hedged in by Saturn, don’t be surprised if everyone is on the terse side today. By this time next week, we are all going to start feeling like our communications have been freed up once again and returning to whatever passes for normal for each of us.

Pat and I would also like to encourage our readers to submit their questions including their location as well as complete birth data (date, time and place). Check back next Friday!

Today is also the day to write abundance checks and since this New Moon was not only in practical Capricorn but was a major solar eclipse, it is a perfect opportunity to do this. Go here for instructions.

We also want to give everyone a “head’s up” about some possible weirdness on this site as we shift to a new WordPress theme. Bear with us and enjoy our fresh new look once the dust settles.

Libra always seeks balanceposted by Diane . . .


8 thoughts on “Latest News & Saturn in Libra Video

  1. Pat Post author

    I read in the news headlines this morning that Israeli archaeologists have unearthed an ancient text that appears to be one of the earliest attempts at social justice.

    The text, dated around the 10th century B.C., was discovered a year ago but just announced in the past few days. It describes how widows, orphans, slaves, and the poor should be treated … essentially the message that Diane gives at the end of every post. :-)

    How’s that for Saturn retrograde in Libra?


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  3. deb

    Pat, unfortunately many won’t change or adapt or accept reality for what it is until the proof-ridden pudding is served to them.

    Hope they’re enjoying that pudding.


  4. Diane L Post author

    Hi Taurus41,

    Sorry about the video not working on your Mac. I often have the same problem with watching videos my DIL sends me from her Mac.

    Glad you like our new “look”!! :-)


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