Weekly Forecast February 1: Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn, Sextile Pluto

Photo by Dmitry Lovetsky for The Associated PressThis week is the Celtic cross-quarter day of Imbolc. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are noticeably longer, trees are budding, and there are early signs of spring.

It’s been a hard winter for many, and so the return of the light is a welcome relief. We’ll get a bit of a breather this week, too, with the Moon in Libra on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of her first contacts is with Saturn and Pluto, which some of you may feel as a brief period of melancholy or alienation, but it won’t last long, and it’s also a chance to reflect on committed relationships, an ongoing theme with Saturn in the sign of balanced give-and-take. And once that’s over, the Moon trines the Sun and Venus in Aquarius, a nice aspect for seizing the moment and enjoying a small surprise.

On Friday, Jupiter forms an inconjunct with Saturn. Inconjuncts are inherently uncomfortable, and something that happens later this week could make you squirm. Just remember that discomfort doesn’t always have a “real” external source. Sometimes it’s our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world at large that get us in trouble and hold us back.

Speaking of beliefs, it’s generally accepted in astrology that Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the solar system and that Saturn is the party pooper. Diane has written a lot about her experience with Jupiter as an amplifier, for better or for worse, and she appreciates the discipline embodied in Saturn.

We could argue that it’s Saturn who’s actually the Santa Claus. Saturn is the lord of time and the material universe and therefore has a role in everything that manifests into our lives. Saturn was revered by the Romans as a harvest deity, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Moerover, there are connections between the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia and customs associated with Christmas, including the exchange of gifts.

This is a good week to examine the process of how we can turn thoughts into reality. On Saturday, Jupiter sextiles Pluto, an aspect that contains powerful potential for wealth and abundance. For some of you, the result could be material, while others may feel it on an emotional level. Maybe you’ll experience both. I’ve often found that intense feelings attract people and material things into my life.

Also on Saturday, Mercury sextiles Uranus. The Messenger leaves the post-retrograde shadow period on Thursday, so he’ll be free to meet the planet of innovation and surprises in a new frame of mind. If the ideas seem to come in rapid-fire succession, grab a notebook or write on the back of an envelope — whatever you’ve got handy. Something you couldn’t get to work properly during the winter holidays should go smoothly now. This is especially true for electronic gadgets and anything to do with computers or the Internet. I’ve finally got the fan problem in my laptop resolved and will take another crack at video content soon. I’m also working on a short post on Nibiru (thanks again to Rossa for posing the question).

On Sunday, Venus conjoins Chiron and Neptune (next Monday in most parts of the world), paving the way for the New Moon on February 13. We’re approaching another extraordinary gateway for healing energies to enter our energy field, individually and collectively. I’m feeling it in positive ways and hope you are, too.

Much love and many blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: God of Ice. It’s clearly not spring yet in St. Petersburg, Russia. I’d love to know who this figure is, but it sure looks like Saturn or Neptune. Photo by Dmitry Lovetsky for The Associated Press.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast February 1: Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn, Sextile Pluto

  1. Stan

    Hi Pat,

    The icicle encrusted statue is of Atlas, an image apropos to the enduring effort (patience!) for many of us this winter as we move toward clarity and transformation. Looking forward to the thaw.



  2. deb

    I worked under pressure the last couple of days, researching and all, but feel so accomplished after finishing up. Well rested, too. Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that no one will think I pulled any info out of my butt…

    This end of week is shaping up rather nicely. I’m feeling the great vibes as well, Pat. Wishing you both a wonderful week/end!


  3. Pat Post author

    Thanks, Stan. I figured someone would recognize this character. Have you seen the statue in St. Petersburg?

    Deb, as a former reporter, I can say only to note all the sources of your info. Footnotes, not “buttnotes.”


  4. Stan

    Unfortunately, I’ve never been to St. Petersburg. I found reference to Atlas on a Polish blog that displayed the same winter photo, and found other non-winter photos of the same apartment building on this flicker page.


  5. deb

    Em, I found out that the assignment I turned in at the last possible minute on Wednesday night… got a 10 out of 10. Guess who’s celebratin’ (and hoping to never pull the last-minute stunt again)? :)

    Have a super weekend. We’re supposed to get some snow– sure would like to see some!


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