Ask Real Astrologers: Is My First House Sun in Retreat?

This week’s question comes from Geraldine in London, England:

In my chart, the Sun is almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant. As this is such a close conjunction, I was wondering what this means, with the Sun just nosing into the first house, but am I really more of a 12th house person, with the Moon is in Pisces. Coincidentally, where I live is called the Retreat (it’s the name of the estate actually).

Libra ponders . . .

Diane’s response:

Geraldine, your Sun in Libra is definitely belongs to your first house, not the twelfth. If you feel like a twelfth house person, I believe you are correct in looking at your sensitive Moon in Pisces.

Even though your Moon is in the fifth house, it is linked to the twelfth house in two ways: first, the inconjunct aspect between your Moon and Neptune located there; and second, Pisces rules the twelfth house.

The inconjunct is a rather difficult aspect, linking signs with little common ground. In your case, it is Neptune in airy Libra aspecting the Moon in watery Pisces. While there is often mutual respect between Libra and Pisces, Libra prefers an intellectual approach drawing on the best available data, while Pisces is fond of intuitive leaps and can be hazy when it comes to facts.

The Moon-Neptune inconjunct may bless you with creativity but at the same time makes you especially sensitive to confrontation of any kind. Hence it makes sense you prefer to live apart from the hustle and bustle of the mainstream. May I say, as one who has Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra,  I completely understand? I have a profound aversion to yelling matches and emotional drama.

A second look at your twelfth shows you have an out-of-sign conjunction of Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Libra located there. Mercury in the twelfth often receives information through dreams and in the moments between going to sleep and upon waking. Do you record your dreams? I would guess having your Mercury in Virgo would give you a better than usual ability to recall them.

Thanks for a good question, Geraldine, and enjoy your days in the Retreat!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Geraldine, your Sun should be considered in the first house, no question, but I know how you feel. I, too, have a first house Sun with Moon in Pisces, and I have a sensitivity to surroundings and people that makes it easier for me to be in retreat (love that symbolism!).

However, there is one important way in which your chart and mine differ. Your Moon is the “handle” of a basket, all alone on one side of the chart with all of your other planets almost entirely within one third of the chart wheel. This gives the Moon a much greater influence than it otherwise would have, so it’s hardly surprising that you feel this part of yourself more strongly.

That said, people with Sun on the Ascendant really do wish to be seen, and they often project a strong public persona, even if it’s not how they feel deep inside. I would bet that others see you quite differently than you perceive yourself. And I would encourage you to put yourself out there, even though you may feel like blending into the background at times. That’s the same advice I give myself, by the way.

Thanks for the great question, and all the best to you.

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