Name That Sign! Astrology Photo Game

Cinderella, by Joana Vasconcelos. Photo by Nacho Doce for REUTERS.

This sculpture was created by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos out of stainless steel pans and concrete covers. The work is part of her exhibition currently running at Belem Cultural Centre in Lisbon. Photo by Nacho Doce for REUTERS.

If you’re a regular reader of RealAstrologers, you know that I like to scour the news headlines and online art galleries for photos that symbolize a particular astrological aspect. So, we thought, why not let you participate and make it game?

Each week, I’ll post a photo, and you get to comment on what planet and sign or what aspect you think it best represents. There will be no right or wrong answer. I expect that some of you will be very creative, and the differences in thinking will be part of the fun!

Here are a couple of examples from past posts to give you an idea of how it goes:

For Venus in Aquarius, I chose a photo that combined the theme of beauty with innovation and technology. When Mars was in Pisces, I selected an image expressing the aggressive side of Mars in an ocean environment, with the added feature of an optical illusion, illusions being a specialty of Neptune, ruler of Pisces.  

So, are you ready? Leave a comment telling us what planet and sign combination or planetary aspect you think this photo represents, and why.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. If any of you come across photos you think would be appropriate for this column, drop me a line! Remember, if it’s not your own work, you need to send the photo credit and copyright information.

5 thoughts on “Name That Sign! Astrology Photo Game

  1. Diane L

    I vote Jupiter in Pisces . . . big (Jupiter) feet (Pisces)!

    Years ago I dated a Pisces man w/Jupiter in Gemini conjoined his ASC. He was 6’5 1/2″ tall and wore size 13 4E shoes – very hard to find with limited styles. We used to tease him and say he had built in flippers for swimming. He was an excellent swimmer and totally comfortable in the water too.



  2. Pat Post author

    Good guess, Diane! Note that the Really Big Shoe (who else here is old enough to remember Ed Sullivan) is sitting on a purple base. Purple is the color associated with guess who?

    Anyone else?


  3. lindsayc

    Your photo of the shoe makes me think of Saturn in Libra- We Librans love beauty, aethetics, harmony and peace, but the one heavy- metal shoe is Saturn disciplining all of us around integrity in relationships-especially with ourselves, and to be the person we want to have a relationship with! There is no “Cinderella.”



  4. caroline

    I would guess Jupiter in Leo. Big and fancy and flashy! And the purple has a regal vibe about it…


  5. Pat Post author

    Heavy metal shoe! That’s hilarious, Lindsay. I’d have never thought of that. Jupiter in Leo is a fine guess, too.

    My own first thought was Jupiter in Pisces — because, yes, Pisces rules the feet, and Jupiter is BIG! Any other thoughts? Anyone got a new photo for us?

    Stay tuned for next week’s episode …


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