Weekly Forecast March 22: Sun Square Pluto

Sunrise on the Sound

March sunrise over West Seattle. I took this photo on an early morning trip across Puget Sound last week. Photo by Pat Paquette.

For the past year, astrologers have been writing about the potential for upheaval as the planetary focus shifts to the cardinal signs. This week, we get major clues as to how these energies might play out.

On Monday, Mars in early Leo sextiles Saturn in early Libra. Mars is slowly beginning to creep forward again after being retrograde for more than three months, while Saturn continues moving in “reverse” and will make a return visit to Virgo in a couple of weeks. This will remove him from the cardinal buildup. In the meantime, this week’s Mars-Saturn sextile helps restrain the egocentric nature of Mars in Leo and helps us get our work done.

Saturn continues to form a square with Pluto, indicating standoffs between competing powers. I’m not sure who I’d root for here but probably would place bets discreetly on both sides, kind of like a multinational corporation contributing to both political parties in a close race.

The rubber meets the road on Tuesday, when the Moon enters Cancer. The cardinal T-square formed by the Sun newly in Aries, plus Pluto and Saturn, becomes a grand cross, even if just for a day. Activity will be fast and furious, and if you aren’t careful, you could cancel out your initiatives by acting on too many fronts at once. Likewise, groups of people may cancel out positive change through competing interests. Emotions are going to run high, too. For some, they may be totally out of control.

Ironically, the release valve and key to getting tangible results is Mars in Leo. For once, looking out for yourself first may be the answer. “Ego” is not always a bad word. If we didn’t have one, we’d be doormats subject to getting walked all over by everyone. A healthy ego that knows how to balance its own needs with the needs of others will get you through. If you want to know where to assert your ego, look at where 1 degree Leo falls in your chart.

Whatever happens this week will reverberate into early August, when we’ll experience another cardinal grand cross with Saturn in Libra.

After Tuesday, it’s back to the cardinal T-square, with an “arm” left empty after the Moon moves past early Cancer. If you have personal planets or chart angles in early Cancer, the area of your life represented by that point could come under intense pressure. That will be true off and on into the summer, so make sure you pay extra attention to developments this week, as they will be ongoing themes for you. The United States chart (Sibly) has 1 degree Libra on the Midheaven, with early Cancer in the seventh house. Expect more news of open enemies and conflicts with allies.

Thursday is a potentially difficult day for everyone, when the Sun squares Pluto. Notwithstanding what I just wrote about your ego, do exercise good judgment in how you stand up for yourself. Before you put yourself in a compromising position, be sure you’re right and that the reward is worth the potential consequences. Spraying graffiti all over the county courthouse and defending it as your right to free speech would not be a good idea right now.

The weekend is fairly quiet and best spent getting things done around the home and office. Tidy up as much as you can before next Monday’s Full Moon. As usual, Diane will have a full report later this week on what else you can do to prepare.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

3 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast March 22: Sun Square Pluto

  1. deb

    Been having a lot of interesting dreams, lately, most of which make sense.

    I thought I had something like a power struggle with a superior, recently, and felt sad about it. I needed some understanding due to the fact that we were displaced from our home, and she was not so understanding, making it clear that my needs impacted her severely. I’m sure they may have, but I gave her as much notice as I could of possible absence. Emergencies happen. If I had magical powers, I’d have brought things back to normal with a swirl of a wand and a zap. But I didn’t and don’t.

    And after a while, I realized that I didn’t need that crap. That kind of pressure and guilt. I remembered my power. If she didn’t understand, after all I’ve done for her for years, so be it. I’d move on. I mean, I have another part-time job and a couple of gigs. I didn’t need the emotional turmoil. I’d already tried explaining what was happening in our home, and she chose to be selfish. So I just didn’t communicate with her for a couple of days. I stepped away from the situation, which I believe freaked her out.

    I think she understands our situation, now, because she was willing to accommodate me a tiny bit after I stopped talking to her.

    Why did I have to feel like sh*t? Because someone else said so? I didn’t deserve it, you know? Had more than enough on our plates.

    You’re 100% accurate on that healthy ego statement!


  2. Pat Post author

    Thanks, Deb!

    The story of your boss reminds me of a conflict I had with my journalism professor back in college. He was loud and gruff, and more than once ridiculed me in front of the whole class. One day I dropped by his office to let him know I wasn’t going to be in class, because I had to cover a congressional hearing for my part-time job. Talk about a classroom — he should have been thrilled, right? Instead he threw me out of his office. Finally, I’d had enough and wrote him a rather nasty note.

    Well, then what do you think happened? I got a sincere, unqualified apology, and he was sweet as pie to me ever after. It taught me that there are people who respect you only if you stand up to them. Sounds like your boss is among them.

    Good for you for taking the risk!


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