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Fire at the farm

Barn fire at my childhood home in Unadilla Forks, N.Y., March 1968.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Diane saying she is leaving RealAstrologers. I asked her to write a notice for our readers. Here it is:

Something that has become clear to me as a result of the doctor visits and tests, is leading a simpler, less stressful life with fewer distractions, commitments and minimal deadlines is now a must. So regretfully I am leaving Real Astrologers in Pat Paquette’s keeping. Please encourage her to keep Real Astrologers going with her great weekly forecasts and many interesting posts. Keeping up with Libra Seeking Balance is enough for me at this time in my life.

This is a pretty abrupt change, but that is how things are happening these days with the cardinal T-square. You see, just because we’re astrologers (and even when we see things coming), we are not immune to the same forces that are shaking up everyone else. I’m scrambling to pick up the pieces, but will make every attempt to post regularly, as we have been. The Friday Q&A column will continue, along with weekly forecasts, lunations (I’ll have a post up tomorrow on the coming Full Moon), and perhaps some new features.

That said, I’ll be rearranging pages on the site in the days and weeks ahead to reflect that RealAstrologers is now just me. I would very much appreciate your support, and please join me in wishing Diane well in her Libra quest for a more balanced life.

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10 thoughts on “The Lone Astrologer

  1. Pat Post author

    {{{{NEO}}}} How are you faring with the cardinal T-square?

    A friend just called to tell me that my photo was confusing. Whose barn burned? What’s it got to do with this post?

    Well, the loss of something important — and so sudden, without warning — seemed like a fitting image for how I’m feeling right now. There is a bigger story behing this image, though, and I will write a post in the next week or two about it.


  2. inishglora

    Oh my, that came out of the blue. But understandable on some levels. Isn’t it funny how much has changed since the busy days of PiChron? Seems like when I was a kid, change was slow and gradual, but it seems like now things morph at lightning speed. The ride of life is definitely picking up the pace.


  3. Pat Post author

    Joe, you are SOOOOO not kidding! “Lightning speed” is right, and it is totally in keeping with the cardinal T-square. There will be more of it, everyone, so stay on your toes and be ready to hit the ground running.

    That said, I think things will settle down temporarily after the Full Moon on Monday. I’ll have a full report tomorrow.


  4. hitchhiker72

    Wow, surprised, sorry, but also understand. It’s been a rough few months for many people. Will miss her but no doubt Real Astrologers will find its new feet! Thanks for all your hard work, Pat.


  5. Pat Post author

    Thanks, HH. Your support is much appreciated.

    It has not just been a rough few months for some of us, but a very rough year. As some of you know, I seriously injured my back a year ago, and I have continued to provide substantial free content here week after week, even in times when I had four or five medical appointments in a week, some of which required a four-hour round trip into the city. Thankfully, I’m down to one or two, but I still have to work for an hour or two daily to strengthen. Essentially, I’ve had to learn to walk all over again. And it’s not over yet. There are other consequences to the injury that I can’t talk about publicly, and that’s why I had to pull down my own blog, The Pisces Chronicles.

    Everyone I know is having a rough go of it lately. But we are entering new territory now, and while there certainly will be further destabilization, we’re heading into a new and better place. I can feel it in my bones.

    I’ll have more to say about this in my Full Moon report tomorrow and in Monday’s forecast.


  6. Carmilla5

    I’m often sad with endings like this but I can attest to the shock value of change at the moment, it is everywhere and it is as if the rug is finally being pulled very quickly from under our feet, which probably have grown a little to complacent and comfort zonish. Seems the more we dig in the harder it is obviously. In some strange way I am excited about the changes because even though to me they can be scary and make me resist I know they are for our better everything. I love seeing people making changes they ‘should have’ a long time ago including myself! Great blog post as always. Lise x


  7. Nathan

    Pat, I’m sorry to hear the news. I thoroughly enjoy reading both yours and Diane’s writing. Still you have established such a high caliber of writing between you both that carrying on alone should not prove a problem. I’m glad Diane will at least be posting to Libra Seeking Balance. I eagerly look forward to your continued posting at Real Astrologers.


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