Ask Real Astrologers: What Changes Will Uranus in Aries Bring?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Ellen in British Columbia, Canada:

The subtle surprises and wonderful changes that I’m experiencing now, will they intensify with Uranus in Aries, and what advice can you give me that will help me through this bumpy period? (Yes I will be wearing a seat belt and a helmet.)

Ellen, as you correctly noted in your message to me, your Ascendant is 24 degrees Aries. So although Uranus is in Aries as of yesterday (May 27), he will not enter your first house until 2016, at which point the seat belt and helmet will be required gear.

This is definitely a case in which knowing your chart can help you plan. Most people only know their Sun sign, although these days, more and more people know their Rising signs and even Moon signs, which of course is very gratifying for us astrologers!

Unfortunately, that means that when you read an online horoscope, you can end up confused. Even the good ones sometimes make general statements about what a planet entering your sign means, when it really depends on the degree. As I explained in a recent column on cardinal signs, degree does matter in this cardinal T-square.

That said, your Midheaven and IC (the cusps of the tenth and fourth houses) are 11 degrees Capricorn and Cancer. So as the planets in cardinal signs move toward these degrees, you may notice some developments in your career and home life.

Also, we’re currently in a series of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, and this may be the driving influence in those bumps you’re feeling. The solar eclipse on July 11 will be in your fourth house, which rules home and family, and it will be in a square with your Ascendant and Descendant, which could put some pressure on your close relationships.

On the bright side, Jupiter is about to enter Aries as well, and he moves much faster than Uranus. It takes him only about a year to move through an entire sign, so you’ll have some of Jupiter’s protection beginning next year.

That’s not to say you aren’t feeling any effects of Uranus in Aries at all. Those subtle surprises may be an expression of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in your twelfth house. Transits through this house do tend to be less noticeable, but, as you point out, they can be quite wonderful, too.

I hope that helps make sense for you, Ellen, and thanks for writing.

In general, I’d like to repeat that we’re all going through changes as the cardinal T-square builds toward a peak in early August. The questions coming into my box for this column are increasing in number and desperation. Some of the messages I’ve received are truly heartbreaking. This configuration of planets is far too complex, and there are way too many variables, for me to be able to tell you in a few short paragraphs how it will affect your entire life. If you are facing serious challenges and need guidance, please consider contacting me for a personal consultation.

Much love and courage to all.
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