Weekly Forecast May 31: Jupiter Enters Aries

Devils Tower, Wyo. Native tribes associated this imposing rock formation with the Big Dipper. Its energy, like that of the coming cardinal T-square, is unnerving and extremely powerful. © Pat Paquette.

If you’re asking yourself how much more could possibly happen in the next few months, the answer is, “a lot!”

And it could happen very fast, too, once Jupiter enters Aries on Sunday (June 6). Jupiter is the planet of “big,” and he combines forces next week with erratic, explosive Uranus. I might have thought something like an oil well blowing up and gushing millions of barrels of oil into the sea would occur under such an influence, but I would have been wrong.

We’re still in the early stages of the buildup toward this summer’s cardinal T-square, and that could mean we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Traditionally, Jupiter is considered to be one of the luckiest influences in astrology. He is an indicator of growth, expansion, and abundance. And perhaps that will be true this summer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that his presence in this complicated and volatile configuration of planets will bring some favorable outcomes to situations that currently look catastrophic and scary. Let’s just hope …

In Aries, Jupiter may help us maintain our optimism despite the challenges that are coming at us faster and harder every day. For some, there may be an element of adventure in these challenges. Others could find ways to turn hardship into opportunities for growth and positive change, while still others may find ways to provide services that many people will need in tough times. In Aries, Jupiter is the “can-do” man.

Conjunct Uranus, Jupiter unfortunately could take his enthusiasm to an extreme, and we may see many instances of speculative and risky behavior, especially in politics and finance. Should this happen, the backlash will be swift and severe. Everyone’s on a short fuse these days, and there is so much anger and polarization everywhere.

I’m waiting, along with everyone else, to see how these unprecedented energies play out. At the same time, I’m trying to stay mindful of how I can work with them rather than waiting around for something to happen to me.

As for the rest of this week, Neptune turns retrograde on Monday and will stay in “reverse” until November 7. Because his orbit is so far from the Sun, Neptune moves through the signs slowly and spends a good part of every year retrograde (as do Uranus and Pluto). We aren’t likely to see sudden events related to this transit, although I’ve often felt very sleepy for a week or so when Neptune stations. This may be very apparent on Thursday and Friday, when Neptune is conjoined by the Moon and opposed by Mars, ruler of physical energy.

Hard aspects between Mars and Neptune also can indicate deception of some kind. Well, does it take an astrologer to tell you that somebody’s lying to us? Mars symbolizes confrontation, so those perpetrating the lies might want to make sure their blowout preventers are working.

Also on Friday, Chiron turns retrograde. Chiron, often referred to as the Wounded Healer, speaks to our individual and collective wounds. He recently entered Pisces, but will return to Aquarius in late July and continue to move close to Neptune for another six months. I’ve been writing about this conjunction for several years, mostly in regard to healing the collective mind.

Sometimes, our wounds are so deeply buried that a part of us needs to break down completely before we can repair the damage and put ourselves back together in a way that is more healthy and whole. Perhaps this is even part of the message of the BP oil “spill,” which we might view as a physical wound deep within the Earth.

On Sunday (Saturday night in some parts of the world), the Moon in Pisces conjoins Jupiter and then moves into Aries, where she immediately conjoins Uranus. Less than ten minutes later, Jupiter enters Aries, and then the Moon carries that energy forward to a square with Pluto.

Still, it’s not a cardinal T-square yet. Saturn is still in Virgo, and while Venus is in Cancer, she has advanced too far to be included in a T-square.

As I wrote above, we’ve got a way to go before we hit the peak power of this cardinal T-square. I truly hope that you are all able to find ways to put these forces to work for you, even though it’s probably too much to expect that each of us won’t be adversely affected in some way, however small.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat