Ask Real Astrologers: Is This a Bad Time for a Career Move?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Kinja in San Francisco, Calif.:

After having a bad experience in a new job that lasted from November 2009 to February 2010, I started thinking perhaps I should look into other career options. … Is this just a bad time to try new career moves for me? Should I just stick with what I have been doing in the last couple of years?

First of all, Kinja, thank you for resubmitting your question using the e-mail submission form. My Mercury in Capricorn needs to keep the files in order!

As you rightly noted in your e-mail, Neptune currently is opposite your natal Saturn. Because you have Saturn near the Midheaven, this also means that Neptune is on your IC. In effect, you’re getting a double dose of Neptune on your career, so it’s no wonder you’ve had such a difficult time of it lately.

Neptune is a dissolving agent. Just as the relentless pounding of waves wears away rocky cliffs, Neptune transits can break down structures in our lives. An old order is falling away so that something new can take its place. The problem is that the “something new” isn’t immediately apparent. In the meantime, you can feel aimless and disoriented.

Remember, too, that Neptune has been indirectly linked to the Saturn-Uranus opposition of the past two years via an inconjunct with Saturn and mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces. Saturn has been in your tenth house of career, which normally is a good time to achieve professional goals. However, with Uranus in opposition, every time you’ve tried to establish yourself, the rug has been pulled out from under you.

Even if you tried to move into a different career, you probably wouldn’t be much more successful than you’ve been recently, and Neptune transits tend to cloud our judgment and distort our sense of reality. Unfortunately, the outer planets move through the chart slowly, and so these transits last for several months.

In any case, I’m advising my clients not to initiate new ventures until the middle of September, when the cardinal T-square will start to dissipate. Events this summer may take on a life of their own, and if you’re flexible and open to change, you can jump on opportunities that might not be available to you if you’ve already committed to another course of action.

It sounds to me as though something really good is trying to break through in your life. The fog of Neptune may be a blessing in disguise, as it’s forcing you to let go of attachment to a particular outcome so that you can embrace a radically different way of being.

You obviously have a good grasp of astrology, but I always recommend a professional reading, if possible. There are lots of good astrologers in the San Francisco area, and I do readings by phone.

Best of luck to you Kinja, and thanks again for writing.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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2 thoughts on “Ask Real Astrologers: Is This a Bad Time for a Career Move?

  1. kinja

    Thank you so much for the detailed and prompt reply. As you know my mercury is in cancer and well my communication can be a little disorganized :)
    I will check out your link for ‘readings by phone’. I did get a mini reading recently, however given all the fog ;) I could use as much information as possible. I have also been trying to convert my friends into using astrology as a tool to plan their future (like I’m trying to do) and I’ll be sending them your way. Of course I don’t know how many people (or how much time i’ll have to invest) I will convert, but it should be interesting.
    Again,thank you for your time.
    Have a nice week.

    Kinja –


  2. Pat Post author

    Thanks, Kinja!

    I don’t like to think of it as “converting,” which sounds too much like religion. It’s simply an understanding of how astrology works and what it can do for them. Once they see it, they are won over. Unfortunately, it’s a sort of chicken-and-egg thing, as most people get their ideas about astrology from the daily horoscopes. As you know, those are quite limited and so general that they’re easily dismissed.

    I believe that as humanity makes a leap in consciousness, more people will use astrology as a tool for development and planning. They’ll discover what we already know. :-)


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