Weekly Forecast July 12: In the Wake of the Solar Eclipse

Detail of The Storm Spirits, by Evelyn De Morgan, 1900.

We begin this week in the wake of Sunday’s solar eclipse in Cancer, and that’s really the biggest news — that, and the steady march toward the peak of the cardinal T-square, just a couple of weeks away now.

Eclipses often signal rapid change, and these sometimes are evident within three days on either side of the eclipse date. But in the case of the New Moon eclipse, developments may take until the Full Moon to unfold or until the next New Moon. Sometimes the effects are delayed by two or three months, but I don’t think that will happen in this case, due to the building energy of the T-square.

Under astrological influences such as we’re experiencing in 2010 and 2011, world events may not happen at the moment planetary alignments are exact, but can be staggered throughout the year. Sometimes transits by the Moon or Mars to critical points can trigger an event. It can all get pretty complicated.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot happening this week (as if that’s not enough). Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday, an aspect for physical love and the emotional intensity that can come from sexual desire, if you let go and allow it to take over. When sex is approached as a means of deeper connection and not just for instant physical gratification, it is a powerful agent of spiritual growth. This can be scary for some people, usually because it involves giving up mental control.

The emotional intensity is even greater on Wednesday, when the Moon conjoins Venus and trines Pluto. Sexually, things could get even more interesting, as the Moon conjoins Mars on Thursday, carrying forward the energy of Venus and Pluto to the planetary ruler of the libido. Events mid-week could be a prelude to the Venus-Mars conjunction on August 20, so keep your eyes and ears open.

The Moon enters Libra on Friday, and for a brief period we have a mini-version of the cardinal T-square. The Moon moves too quickly for lunar transits to have much impact (eclipses being a major exception), but in this case the Moon may act as a trigger for events related to the T-square. Stay alert, and note any unusual events on that day.

Also on Friday, Mars in Virgo squares Ceres in Sagittarius. Astrologers are still studying the movements of Ceres, and it will be some time before we collect enough data to make definitive statements about her role in individual and mundane astrology. It does appear, however, that she is a marker for environmental issues and also for events that are cyclical in nature. A conflicting square between Ceres and Mars in detail-oriented Virgo might, for example, indicate serious problems in BP’s attempt to contain the well gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

As I explained in last week’s forecast, we’re in a period when change could come swiftly and out of the blue, so it will pay to stay focused and in the moment. I liken it to being in a boat on a fast-moving current. The river determines our general direction, but we can lean to one side or the other and alter our course slightly — perhaps enough to avoid the rocks. This is especially true for the collective. Where our thoughts go, our lives follow.

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Wishing you all much love and courage,
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