Ask Real Astrologers: Will the T-Square Affect My Surgery?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Chet in Frederick, Maryland:

I’ve had several kidney surgeries since last year and have another one scheduled for August 19. I just heard about the cardinal cross and found information on your site. Now I’m worried. Should I wait?

Chet, I’ve had some similar inquiries about health problems. The first thing I have to tell you is that I’m not a specialist in medical astrology. And, of course, I’m not a doctor. I have no idea how serious your condition is, and you didn’t tell me how critical the timing of your surgery is. With those caveats, here are a few general observations.

For the timing of any matter, including surgery, astrologers cast what’s called an “electional chart.” We look at all the aspects in the chart, with special attention to the sign and phase of the Moon, as well as aspects to the ruler of the matter in question. For surgery, that would be Mars. The sign and ruler of the body part to be operated on also are important. The kidneys are ruled by Libra and its planetary ruler, Venus. There are many other criteria, too numerous to list here.

For an electional chart, we use the time and location of the surgery rather the patient’s birth chart, although I do check the individual’s transit chart just to make sure there are no obvious conflicts. The problem with this T-square is that both the electional chart and transit charts are likely to be extremely challenged, and that is why I’ve been recommending to my clients that if critical procedures such as surgery can be postponed until late September or beyond, to take that option.

The problem, as we all know, is that most people have no control over surgery dates. They have to take the date when the surgeon is available. This is all the more true if the surgery is urgent and can’t wait. Moreover, it’s extremely unrealistic – a bit ridiculous, even – to expect that all non-essential surgery will be postponed this summer to wait out the T-square.

So, what do you do? Indeed, you’ve asked a very important question, Chet.

The first thing I want you to do is to stop worrying. Surgery is stressful enough without adding the weight of “bad astrological aspects” to the mix. In an ideal world, we’d like to have the planets on our side. That goes for any endeavor. Under the T-square, it’s just not possible. So we have to carry on with our lives, with the astrological storm raging around us. When we have no choice in a matter, we have to give up control and trust in our higher consciousness.

What I can do for you and anyone else who may be interested is to cast an electional chart and provide some details about what you might expect. For example, there are indicators of whether the surgery will need to be repeated (important in your case, Chet) and whether you’ll have a fast or difficult recovery. Sometimes we can identify the likelihood of post-op infection. If you’re working with a new surgeon, we can get some important information about this person. It does appear, Chet, that the two of you are of one mind regarding this procedure, so that should help allay some of your fears.

I hope that helps. Thanks for writing, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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