Ask Real Astrologers: How Often Do We Get a Saturn Return?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Chiara in Alghero, Italy:

How often does Saturn return in a person’s chart? I’m pretty sure my Saturn returned around 2000 and would like to know if it is planning on returning again anytime soon. It caused some major damage the last time it came around.

Chiara, Saturn takes about 29 years to orbit the Sun, so that’s how long it takes to return to the exact degree it occupied in your natal chart. That means everyone has a Saturn return at about 28-29 years old and again around 58 and then in their late 80s.

The first Saturn return typically is the most disruptive, unless you’re one of the fortunate few who got your act together very early in life. If you’re not on the right path, or if you’re frittering away your gifts and talents and acting irresponsibly in general, your first Saturn return may bring crises that force you to grow up. Even if you’re pretty well on track, other things can happen around your Saturn return to take you to a new stage in life. Sometimes people get married or have their first child at this time.

Your Saturn return was not in 2000 but in 1998. Because your natal Saturn is in your first house, close to your Ascendant, transiting Saturn was in your first house, which is often a difficult time even when you’re not going through a Saturn return. In January 2000, he was still in your first house, but Jupiter also was there, and that should have helped alleviate some of the difficulty of a first-house Saturn transit. Moreover, by the middle of the year, Saturn had left your first house entirely.

Whatever “damage” occurred in that year, we can’t attribute it to your Saturn return. There were lots of other things going on, though.

In 2000, Chiron and Pluto were conjunct, and that was a difficult combination. They were in your eighth house, which is associated with death and transformation. If you lost loved ones in that year, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Also in 2000, Saturn was opposite your natal Neptune, and that also can be an extremely challenging transit. Emotionally, you don’t feel like yourself, and you may go through a period of depression.

Transiting Saturn and Pluto weren’t yet in close opposition in 2000, but they were in opposite houses in your chart, so your finances were under intense pressure.

As for your second Saturn return, it’s several years away, and it should be much easier. And in any case, a Saturn return is nothing to fear. It’s an important milestone in life. While it may bring heavier responsibilities, working hard pays off, and you get the rewards, too.

I hope that alleviates some of your concerns, Chiara, and thanks for writing.

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