Weekly Forecast December 13:Mars Conjunct Pluto, Sun Square Uranus

Detail from The Birth of Athena, monotype print by Brian Fisher, 2010.

Get your latte early Monday and make it a double. It’s going to be a wild ride this week.

We’re all on overwhelm and faced with too much work, too much shopping, too much interference, too many hassles, and too many things slowing us down when we’re under pressure to speed up.

Still, I remain optimistic that we’ll be able to address issues that had us totally frustrated and paralyzed into inaction over the summer, and that movement will be possible. Just prepare yourself for a lot of turbulence.

For this week’s image, I chose another monotype print by Brian Fisher, my favorite Vashon artist. This work, entitled “The Birth of Athena,” depicts the myth of goddess Athena springing fully formed from the head of Zeus, the Roman Jupiter. Athena was the goddess of wisdom, military intelligence, and crafts. Among other things, her birth symbolizes the manifestation of thoughts into reality. But you can bet that Zeus had one hell of a headache afterwards!

It’s a good metaphor for this week.

Throughout the week, the apex of the cardinal T-square is activated by Mars and retrograde Mercury, who conjoin on Monday with each other and with Pluto. The Mars-Pluto conjunction is especially potent, and its effects will last for most of the week. Again, I do have some optimism about this aspect, in that Mars is setting off T-square events and propelling us into movement. One of the biggest complaints I heard all summer was that everyone was stuck. Chances are, you will not be stuck after this week.

On Tuesday, the Moon enters Aries and squares the cardinal points of the previous day, adding more fuel to our rockets. Speaking of the Moon, we’re counting down to the lunar eclipse in Gemini on Tuesday, December 21. I’ll have a complete report in a day or two.

Uranus and Jupiter, who formed one leg of the T-square, are both direct in late Pisces. From Thursday through Saturday, the Sun in late Sagittarius squares Jupiter and Uranus, and he also forms a sextile with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Once again, I see these aspects entirely within the context of the T-square. The jarring aspect from the Sun to Jupiter and Uranus will nudge them into action, so wherever they are in your chart – and however they’ve been playing out for the better part of a year – is what you’ll get.

Also on Saturday, Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius, and he conjoins the Sun on Sunday. Next week, he’ll pass over Uranus and Jupiter. It’s like he’s replaying the entire summer, right before our eyes. Yes, we may cringe at the thought, but it’s also our opportunity to get the movement we couldn’t get while Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter were in a standoff with Pluto.

As for Saturn, he’s exalted in Libra and “receiving” from all the Capricorn planets. Best of all, he’s out of the way of the T-square and so can do his job. Saturn is strict and not always fun, but when you’re manifesting new thoughts into reality, Saturn is the go-to planet.

Just don’t be surprised if you have a screaming headache come next Monday morning.

Wishing you all much love, joy, and abundance in this holiday season,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat