Lunar Eclipse Hangover

We were socked in and didn’t get to see Tuesday’s lunar eclipse. Not that this is any big surprise in December in Seattle.

What is surprising is that the energy of this eclipse began unfolding before the event itself, and it’s still playing out. We can thank retrograde Mercury for that.

I’ve heard from several friends and clients that big things are afoot in their lives. But resolution hasn’t happened yet. It’s as though the eclipse is unfolding in slow motion. The final outcome likely won’t be apparent until Mercury returns direct at the end of the month and perhaps not until January 12, when he returns to the degree of the eclipse.

Incidentally, this is the first time since 1638 that a lunar eclipse has coincided with the winter solstice.

Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde is wreaking all sorts of havoc. One reader left a comment on this week’s forecast saying this has been “the most retrogradey Mercury retrograde of all time.” I just love that adjective, and boy is it ever true!

I’ve been scouring the news looking for events possibly related to Mercury retrograde and the eclipse. The trouble is, governments and politicians have been behaving so pathologically for so long, that it’s difficult to identify much of anything out of the “ordinary.” We might attribute the weather-related travel difficulties in Europe to Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, sign of long-distance travel.

I did run across a news item about the launch of a new CIA panel to assess the impact of the release of thousands of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks. Is it any coincidence that they came up with the name, the WikiLeaks Task Force – WTF for short – while Mercury was in bluntly honest Sagittarius? The trickster has got to be ROFL.

Now, will they realize the blunder and change the name after Mercury returns direct? I hope not. It’s one of the only opportunities they’ll ever have to get laughed at for telling the truth.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. The clouds parted just enough right before sunrise for me to get this shot of the moon off my deck.


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  1. Gilly170

    There were (at least) 3 earthquakes in the hours immediately after the eclipse, one in Iran, one in Japan, and even a small (very rare!) one here in the UK.


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