Weekly Forecast January 17:Full Moon in Cancer, Jupiter Enters Aries

Detail from The Deluge, by John Martin, 1834.

My head hurts. I think it’s going to implode. And somehow I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse this week.

I’m picking up on something chaotic, disruptive, and all very messy. E-mail I’ve received over the past week from friends and clients confirms what I’ve been feeling. My initial thought is that it’s the force of Jupiter and Uranus blasting through the collective unconscious. But it also could be the energy of the solar eclipse on January 4 gathering steam as we approach the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday.

Whatever it is, I was torn between which image to use for this post: The Tower struck by lightning, or the biblical flood. Since I’ve already used The Tower recently, I decided on The Deluge, by John Martin. I chose this painting over other more grim versions, because I am sensitive to those in regions of the world that are experiencing horrific flooding. Perhaps some of what we’re picking up is their fear and distress.

This is what happens when we become more psychically connected.

I’m convinced more than ever that the Great Awakening is under way, and I suppose I should have foreseen that it wouldn’t be all angels and rainbows. It’s as though something is f$%*ing with our heads, and we’re all discombobulated. Scattered. All over the place. Unable to get ourselves together.

Last week’s astrology fiasco is yet another symptom. I’m still shaking my head at the irony of astrologers trying to convince an unwitting public that they’ve been had by a scientist. And no matter how much we try to correct the misconception, no matter how reasonable or logical our explanations, it’s as though everyone is holding their hands over their ears, saying, “La, la, la, la.” I read one follow-up news report asserting that astrologers are “defying science” and “poo-pooing the new discovery.” Truly, the whole world has gone stark-raving mad.

OK, I’m taking a deep breath …

The two main astrological events this week are the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday and Jupiter’s entry into Aries on Saturday. I’ve covered both topics in detail already, but I’ll note again here that these two events together are indicative of a lot of action happening all at once. Since Jupiter is in the last degree of Pisces this week, and the Full Moon occurs in the last degrees of Capricorn and Cancer, we ought to be able to wrap up some matters that have been hanging around for awhile. Or, perhaps some issues will finally resolve, outside of our control.

Although the energy has felt chaotic and perhaps a bit menacing, I do believe that we’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of what transpires this week, thanks to the positive angle from the Sun and Moon to Uranus and Jupiter. The flip side is that the natural world is unrestrained. It has stuck in my head ever since Katrina that trines can indicate a clear path for violent earth energies to take their course. Let’s hope that’s not the case this week.

On Tuesday, Mercury conjoins Pluto for the third and final time in his most-recent retrograde phase. More revelations from WikiLeaks? Other state secrets revealed? We’ll find out soon. In our personal lives, this aspect correlates to deep introspection and close encounters with our inner demons.

Wednesday is the Full Moon, with both Sun and Moon closely aspecting Jupiter. One thing I failed to mention in my Full Moon post is that the inclusion of Juno in the chart creates a mystic rectangle. Jupiter and Juno, symbols of husband and wife, are in opposition. One way this might play out is through the resolution of challenges in marriages. You’ll need to see where they are in your chart to know whether this could apply to you.

By the way, in light of the current spotlight on the validity of astrology, I need to insert my usual caveat that the movement of the planets does not cause anything to happen on earth. The connection is more subtle than that, “As above, so below.” We look to the planets to inform us about energy patterns and trends, and we can make some educated guesses about how they might manifest into physical reality. Energy taking form is not a “cause.” It’s so tedious to explain this every time that I sometimes use the shorthand language. But we mustn’t be confused.

Saturday is the biggest day this week, when Jupiter enters Aries. Many of you will embark upon new and exciting adventures, depending on where Jupiter is transiting your chart. This is a rugged pioneering spirit, one who finds opportunities in every challenge. We’re heading into new territory, and this time we’ll stay there and reap some of the rewards.

On Sunday, Venus sextiles Saturn, a somber but usually positive aspect. Relationships may not be hot and sexy, but you can still derive a lot of satisfaction out of running errands together, learning something new, working as a couple to help your neighbors, or taking a road trip. While you’re at it, pick up some take-out from your favorite ethnic restaurant (Thai gets my vote).

It’s going to be a crazy week, so do whatever it takes to stay centered, focused, confident … and sane!

Wishing you all much love, courage, and sanity,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast January 17:Full Moon in Cancer, Jupiter Enters Aries

  1. Charlotte

    That fiasco last week was pretty hilarious! So many people I know came to me in a astro-panic wanting to know how/why/if their sign had changed. I think it’s just great! People I wouldn’t have ever thought would do anything but laugh at astrology begged me to tell them it was wrong, that they weren’t a Taurus/Scorpio/whatever. It’s the “scientist” who ended up looking like a pooper there, people love astrology and it’s ready to make a comeback big time!


  2. kia93

    Pat, you’ve mentioned that you believed astrology was going to become more popular. Well it certainly has gotten more press lately. Astrology is under attack today at Information is Beautiful, where they’ve proudly analyzed 22,000 sun sign reports from Yahoo Shine (oi) and this was picked up and reported snarkily on fastcodesign.com. Lame. See http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2011/horoscoped/


  3. Amy28

    Well Pat, you’ve really interpreted astrologically what I have been feeling the past week already! After all this time and knowing I am sensitive, I still struggle with how to channel energies I pick up from the collective. It can take me up and out of my body with my mind doing somersaults asking if this is it? “Am I losing it?” You used the words “discombobulated (one I frequently use these days). Scattered. All over the place. Unable to get ourselves together. Feeling like something is f#@*ing with our heads.”–yep! This past Saturday evening I was out to dinner with friends and as we walked outside I felt a pressure bearing down on the top of my head and very unbalanced in my body, accompanied by a brief sensation of “tripping”. At that time a friend said she felt drunk walking out of the restaurant. She and I were the only 2 that hadn’t had ANY alcohol with dinner! These are not unusual occurances for me, (sigh). They have become especially frequent since this past Spring. I’m ready for some serious easing up of the intensity! I am such a hermit now just trying to keep myself grounded, feeling safe and somewhat sane! Thank you for the for-warning of this coming week. I’ll do my best to let these energies pass without attaching to their meaning. I’m still working on letting my ego relax with all of this energy…Many blessings to you in the coming week!


  4. Pat Post author

    Charlotte, I do believe you’re right and I’ll write more about this in the future. Kia, you’re right, too — that is really lame! But so are the Sun sign horoscopes you read in the newspapers. They’re an easy target and unfortunately hurt the reputation of real astrology.


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