Weekly Forecast January 24: Saturn Retrograde

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Cardinal energies dominate this week as Saturn turns retrograde in Libra, setting the stage for the 2011 cardinal T-square.

The cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn – are active and initiate change. Even when Saturn slows down and turns around (what it looks like from down here, anyway), we have opportunities to state intentions and make changes.

Wherever Saturn is transiting your chart, you’ll have opportunities to balance your inner world and your outer reality through actively making changes to support your goals. In terms of the collective, we’ll have to take another look at the fairness of certain laws and policies. If they need correction and revision, doing so while Saturn is retrograde will be very effective.

In the United States, the newly elected Congress will work to revise laws passed in the previous session. How successful they’ll be remains to be seen. With Saturn retrograde in Libra, I’m hoping that any revisions will be fair and equitable, and that they won’t pander to a small number of corporate interests and neglect to take the real needs of the broader public into consideration.

Saturn turns retrograde on Wednesday at 17°13′ Libra (late Tuesday night in Western time zones). That’s just a few hours before Mercury in Saturn-ruled Capricorn forms an exact square to Saturn. My take on this is that the initial recognition that something needs to change will be irritating and uncomfortable, and we may not want to face it. Mercury in Capricorn is very good at thinking in practical terms, however, and so a little discomfort is a small price to pay for correcting major deficiencies, especially if they’ve been holding us back.

If you’ve got business negotiations scheduled for Wednesday, they will be tough, but ultimately they should be very productive. Normally I wouldn’t interpret a Mercury-Saturn square this way, but with Mercury in Saturn’s sign and Saturn in the sign of his exaltation, I do believe that challenges will be a good thing. I’ve often written on this site that all confrontation isn’t bad. How else would people debate polarized issues and find middle ground?

Saturn will be retrograde until June 12 and will turn direct at the peak of this year’s cardinal activity. By then, he’ll be back at 10 degrees Libra and in closer aspect to other planets in the T-square. For clues of how this might shake out, keep an eye on events in your life this Monday, when the Moon in Libra squares Pluto and conjoins Saturn, and also on Friday, when the Moon in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Aries and conjoins Pluto. Since we’re only talking about lunar aspects, the clues will be small, so you may miss them if you blink.

Otherwise, there are no major planetary aspects this week. Jupiter is moving swiftly along in Aries, though, so it doesn’t look like there will be any rest for the weary.

I did get a chance to watch a movie Saturday night and thought it was pretty funny that the two female stars were cardinal signs, and both of them even had cardinal references in their names. The movie was the original Pink Panther, now out on Blu-ray, with Peter Sellers as clumsy Inspector Clouseau. One of his female co-stars was a 60s model and actress known as Capucine, which is French for nasturtium. Her nickname was “Cap” or “Cappy,” and in fact she was a Capricorn. She looked every bit like one, too – coldly beautiful and dressed very expensively. The other female co-star was Claudia Cardinale, an Aries.

How’s that for synchronicity?

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. The movie is dated but still very funny and entertaining. If nothing else, watch it for the 60s fashions.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast January 24: Saturn Retrograde

  1. Charles

    Oh hell, I thought we were through with all that cardinal climax crap last year. And now we have to do it again? All the astrologers were saying that a Taurus like me would be mostly unaffected, so we would be the island of stability amidst a sea of society in crisis. But yeah, I had far too many friends completely lose their minds (I even had to involuntarily commit my best friend to a psych hospital). And it took its toll on me. I am not sure I have the strength to do this again.


  2. filliamhmuffin

    How does saturn’s retrograde movement effect a transit? I think it’ll be going through my 12th house, which is a little intimidating, and I am curious to know what kind of wrench the retrograde might throw into the works…..


  3. Pat Post author

    Charles, if it’s any consolation, this year won’t be as bad as 2010. As for who’s affected, your Sun sign isn’t as relevant as other factors, especially chart angles.

    Muffin, that’s a great question. I’m preparing a post on it … maybe for Wednesday.

    Hang in there, everyone!


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