Aries-Libra: From Creation to Humanity, with Love, Part II

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In The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, by Alice Bailey, the first labor in Aries requires Hercules to capture and corral a herd of flesh-eating horses that have been ravaging the land and terrorising the people. Full of joy and enthusiasm, Hercules quickly manages to round up the horses thinking “well that was easy.” He hands over the horses to his friend, telling him to stick them in the corral, while he goes back to his teacher to find out what the second labor will be.

The horses escape, ravage the local villages, and kill his friend. Filled with sadness for the loss of his friend, Hercules re-captures the horses and completes the task himself.

This illustrates some important lessons for the Aries Soul:

• To recognise that Divine gifts come from the Divine, not the personality. They are not “ours” but come through us, to benefit all.
• That if we have a Divine gift, it is our responsibility to use it, since it may not be available to others.
• That impulse alone is rarely beneficial, unless we skillfully follow our impulses through to completion.

This story also illustrates the naiveté of Aries. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is sometimes called the “child” of the Zodiac, for he has yet to develop wisdom and skill. Having never left God, Aries has no worldly experience, has never experienced challenges, and therefore cannot anticipate the obstacles that can arise. This is where the ethical thinking of Aries’ polar opposite, Libra, are needed.

At its highest Soul vibration, Libra is about ethics, justice and Divine harmony. This is where the personality-centered Libra has a tendency to develop rose-tinted spectacles. The desire for harmony can lead a Libra personality to be a bit of a PollyAnna, avoiding conflict and real challenges by trying to “keep the peace,” come what may.

Nevertheless, the Libra individual does have an innate understanding of harmonics. This leads Libra into ethical questioning. Often it is said that Libra individuals are indecisive – in contrast to the apparent decisiveness of their polar opposite, Aries. But this is an over-simplification of what is really happening. For Libra, it is important to understand the process of decision-making. How can we know when a decision is the correct one?

This is the purpose of ethics – the process whereby we can make “right” decisions. The Soul purpose of Libra is “right human relations,” and the essence of Libra carries the very wisdom that Aries needs. Aries will develop wisdom by being more Libra-like and thinking about why a decision is the “right” one. What makes it “right?”

Before charging into an impulse, Aries is always wise to ask, “What makes this right?” This allows Aries to explore whether his impulse is of Divine origin or merely a personality driven impulse. In this way, Aries will be able to see when his or her decisions will be most beneficial and when, like Hercules, they may be impulsive and incomplete.

Libra invites Aries, through ethical questioning, to become aware of harmonics. Libra answers a very important question for Aries. The highest vibration of Libra innately knows that what makes a decision right is harmonics. The right decision is the one that is harmonious, because it is in alignment with the whole of Creation. Eventually, the influence of Libra brings truth, beauty and harmony to Aries. This is when the higher vibration of Aries will awaken and Aries will finally understand how it is that he knows what he knows. However, before Aries can access the wisdom of Libra, he has to exercise discipline to control his impulsiveness.

Mercury is the Soul-ruler of Aries,* whereas Mars is the personality ruler. Mars can be seen to rule the unconditioned responses and reactions of our lower animal-urges, whereas a Mercurial influence on Aries encourages development of the Higher Mind. The Soul path of Aries speaks of the journey from lower mind to Higher Mind, through discipline and the development of wisdom. It really is a Divine, magical mystery tour that takes us from the Divine to Earth, through Right Human Relations and then back to Heaven again, with greater wisdom.

Once Aries accesses Higher Mind, he or she becomes a clear channel for Divine light and wisdom and the higher Soul purpose of Aries (which is to inspire others with ideas) unfolds. Aries, the sign of the Ram, then fulfils his own highest potential by leading his flock, through Divine Light, Wisdom, and Inspiration.



* Aries is associated with the development of the mind. The “wild horses” can be seen as a metaphor for taming our unruly mind. Mercury, Soul ruler of Aries, is also associated with the development of the “Antahkarana” or “Rainbow Bridge” which, once fully formed, allows access to Higher Consciousness and Higher Mind.


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