Weekly Forecast April 11: Mars Square Pluto, Full Moon in Libra

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Reading the news headlines this morning, I was struck by the number of words such as “angry,” “attack,” “hostile,” and “bomb.”

Maybe it’s just an average day on CNN and I haven’t been paying attention. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we’re seeing manifestations of the Mars-Pluto square that began building up last week.

It’s not an overstatement to call this aspect violent. Mars in his own sign of Aries has his finger on the trigger and doesn’t need much of a reason to pull it, while Pluto just went retrograde and is at a standstill, making him more powerful than usual when the square peaks on Monday.

To an astrologer, it’s no surprise that police are shooting at protestors, while authoritarian rulers hole up in fear and international forces fire away at the wrong targets. When you’ve got this much angry energy surging through the collective, it has to have an outlet.

On a smaller scale, we’re at a higher risk of getting involved in power struggles this week, especially over money and control. It’s possible to channel Mars energy into physical work and vigorous exercise. However, with Pluto in the mix, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in anger and resentment.

Put another way, Mars in Aries might not be such a bad boy if he weren’t up against all these heavyweight outer planets. In a period of less than three weeks, Mars will have conjoined Uranus in Aries, squared Pluto in Capricorn, and opposed Saturn in Libra. Each of these aspects alone would be difficult enough to negotiate, but with all three together, it’s a wonder we’re not all killing each other. On second thought …

Mercury retrograde in Aries complicates matters still further. On Monday, right as he’s halfway through the retrograde phase, he crosses back over Jupiter. The previous Mercury-Jupiter conjunction was on March 15, while Mercury was direct. I recall having a lot of communications difficulties back then, too. Everything got worked out, but there were several issues going on all at once, each of which required several phone calls to straighten out.

When Mercury and the Sun conjoined this past Friday, I experienced a mix-up in connecting with someone that would have been comical if it was in a movie script. While I was e-mailing my contact afterward to find out what happened, my Internet modem suddenly went haywire, and I was without service for a couple of hours until my provider isolated the problem. I expect similar disruptions this week. By next week, when Mercury and Mars meet, matters won’t get resolved quite so easily or politely.

For the rest of this week, Mars moves away from Pluto and toward an opposition to Saturn, which is exact next Monday, right after the Full Moon in Libra. Relationships may be tumultuous. As intimidating as this sounds, there could be a silver lining. When anger builds up between two people and has no outlet for expression, the relationship is harmed, sometimes irreparably. As difficult as it is to deal with anger – yours or your partner’s – airing it could be just what you need to get back on track and become closer. The key is in being heard.

The Moon will be in Libra for most of the weekend. In the hours following her entry into the sign of balance and harmony, she’ll make contact with all of the planets involved in last summer’s cardinal T-square. She conjoins Saturn late Saturday evening, and then on Sunday opposes retrograde Mercury and, finally, the Sun – her last contact before moving on to Scorpio.

The Full Moon normally brings endings, resolution, and culmination. I’m hopeful that the troubled relationships so many of you have written to me about will indeed find some resolution, even if it’s an understanding that it’s time to let go and move on. Hopefully, you can arrive at a mutual decision that leaves both people feeling whole and OK about yourselves. If that’s not possible, do what you have to do to restore the balance in your own life, and let your ex worry about his or her own.

These are difficult times, but we will get through. By the end of next week, some of the pressure will be released, and we’ll get even more of a break when Mars, Mercury, and Venus enter Taurus in mid-May.

In the meantime, let’s do our best to remain open-hearted, kind, and compassionate.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

3 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast April 11: Mars Square Pluto, Full Moon in Libra

  1. Pat Post author

    Thanks, Charlotte. Other than being a bit off in her explanation of how precession affects Sun signs, she essentially is talking about the galactic alignment theory. Mayan calendar researchers such as John Major Jenkins have been talking about this for years. Depending on who you talk to, this alignment is exact on December 21, 2012, or it already happened, in 1998. Fact is, there isn’t really one date but a range of dates, which includes 2012. Still, from all the information out there, I am inclined to believe that the alignment was closest to exact in 1998 (even Jenkins admits this).

    The most unusual thing about 2012, in my mind, is the Venus transit. Other than that, we’re already experiencing the shift. We’re in the stream and have been since 1998.

    To give Shirley MacLaine credit, I believe, as she does, that time is speeding up. Still, I think what we’ve been feeling for the past few weeks is more a reflection of all this Aries energy, especially Uranus. We should get some relief when Mars enters Taurus on May 11.

    At the very least, it’s interesting that Oprah is addressing the issue in a way that, in my mind, is closest to what’s really going on and not playing into all the Hollywood hype.

    The documentary I reviewed a couple of years ago offers a pretty good look at the debate. It’s well worth the $10. You can buy it in the RealAstrologers bookshop (click on “CD & DVD link” on the upper left and go to second page of selections).


  2. Charlotte

    Oh sure, I know she is inaccurate (I have Virgo moon and rising) but it’s pretty fantastic that this is on Oprah! To me, and I’m sure every other astrology enthusiast, this is all common knowledge but it’s most exciting to see the masses exposed to it. You’re the only blogger I have seen that speaks about astrology in a galactic sense and the galactic center fascinates me. I watched a show on Discovery the other day talking about how eons and eons into the future all stars will be dead and the only way to exist will be to feed of dead star energy. OMFG, how interesting to be an astrologer in THAT time?!

    I will definitely check out that documentary! Thanks for the detailed response, I am very intrigued about the idea of time speeding up.


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