Chiron in Pisces: The Healing Power of Self-Pity, Part II

In Part I of this article, Ruth discussed coming to terms with our suffering under Chiron in Pisces. In the second and final installment, she talks about how to get through the suffering to a place of healing. ~Pat

Chiron instructs young Achilles, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples.

Another attribute of Chiron in Pisces is that we may find ourselves needing stronger boundaries than ever before. As our capacity for compassion increases, we will naturally attract needy people who want to tell us all their problems. If we don’t have firm boundaries in place, we can find ourselves quickly feeling drained while all those around us feel better. Don’t fall for the old Piscean trap of trying to fix everybody else. It’s not your job. It is each individual’s job to heal themselves.

Another reason why you will need strong boundaries is that you might feel a very strong urge to withdraw from people and spend more time in solitude. This is natural and vitally important, because it creates the time and space that you need in order to go within and listen to your inner voice.

When Chiron is in Pisces, it is important to avoid the temptation for escapism through alcohol, drugs, TV, movies, anything to distract us, make us go numb and avoid having to face the pain and suffering we are experiencing on the inside. This only puts off the inevitable and makes matters worse. When your inner self is crying for your attention and you ignore it, you are abandoning yourself. This adds to your sense of disconnectedness, isolation, and suffering.

What Chiron in Pisces is trying to show you is that when you take the time to be fully present with yourself, the sense of fear and isolation lessens. You can begin to touch that deeper, compassionate part inside you and actually feel nurtured by being with your own loving presence. If you have no experience of meditation and/or therapy, it might be time you took a spiritual teacher or hired a coach or counsellor. This Chiron transit invites you to give your inner world your highest and best attention.

Remember, in the Buddha’s lesson there were four noble truths. After the first truth of suffering comes the second truth, that suffering has causes; the third truth, that it can end; and the fourth truth, that there is a method, or way, to that end. That way is your inner journey, your own presence. You can find it by following a spiritual path, through personal development, or therapy. Any method that allows you to go deeper on your inner journey will eventually lead you there.

With practice, you may even learn to welcome self-pity when it comes knocking. If you are experiencing self-pity, think of it as a spiritual wake-up call. You are trying to get your attention. It is time to strengthen those boundaries and enjoy more solitude. Sitting with yourself, accepting, acknowledging and embracing the truth of your own pain and suffering, is not the number one choice of entertainment for a fun Saturday night, but you will find the experience nurturing and potentially very healing.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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