Exclusive New Reports from Real Astrologers

I have a very exciting announcement to make – and no, I’m not disregarding my own advice not to start new projects at an eclipse! I’ve been working furiously behind the scenes on this project for the past month.

When RealAstrologers was launched in 2008, I offered reports written entirely from scratch, without the aid of report-writing software. I am no longer able to do this, due to growing demand and the amount of time it takes to research and write one report. I had two choices – either to double my fees, making my service accessible to only an elite few, or to find a way to reduce the time I spend on basic research and writing.

After searching for months for reports that are accurate and well-written, I found a software program that allows me to pick and choose from a menu of reports. Before offering them on RealAstrologers, I tested with friends and a few long-time clients for accuracy and readability. A few of the reports I was considering didn’t pass this test, and so you won’t find them here.

Although my new reports are based on computer-generated interpretations, nothing like them is available anywhere else. That’s because I have incorporated the pre-written texts into a report that includes a brief analysis of my own noting the unique features of your chart and how they fit together as a whole. This is simply not possible in a computerized report, and it’s my way of continuing to provide the kind of personal attention that my clients seek. In addition, all of my reports come with a color chart wheel.

I’ll be updating the site throughout the day. Meanwhile, check out my new report page and beautiful ArtWheels!

Happy Eclipse!

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