Cancer-Capricorn: The Conscious Journey Home, Part II

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At the personality level, your phenomenal Cancerian ability to sense and meet the needs of others can distract you from your own spiritual journey. This is where the spiritual ambition, solitude, and methodical application of your opposite sign Capricorn is vital.

In Esoteric Astrology, the Master DK explains that hidden within the Cancer-Capricorn polarity is one of the deepest mysteries of all: the mystery of the great cycle of death and rebirth.* There are two “Great Gateways” in the Zodiac; one is in Cancer, the other is in Capricorn. This hints at the deep significance and mystery of the Cancer-Capricorn polarity.

Cancer is known as “the gate in,” and Capricorn is known as “the gate out.” Master DK explains that all Souls take incarnation into human form in Cancer. Cancer is the gateway into human form and the human experience, which is why this sign is associated with birth. Capricorn is the gateway into Spirit and Spiritual experience, which is why this sign is associated with discipleship. Both are needed.

Cancer is the gateway into human form and the human experience,
which is why this sign is associated with birth.[/callout]

It is only after our incarnation into human form and our human experience that we return to Spirit with the wisdom that comes from our experience. This is not to say that every Cancerian Soul has never had a previous incarnation, but that we begin one cycle of unfoldment (or purpose) in Cancer.

Cancer is associated with form and feeling. According to Soul Astrologer Alan Oken, it is therefore the role of the Cancer Soul to ground Spirit in physical form, to create an anchor point on the earth plane for the subsequent development of the antakharana, or Rainbow Bridge.** This searching for an anchor point drives the Cancerian to continously seek for a home. At the lowest vibration of Cancer, this can lead the Cancer personality to wander aimlessly, never feeling settled or content, unsure of where “home” really is.

At its highest vibration, once the individual has begun their inner journey (by embracing the spiritual ambition of Capricorn) this home-seeking leads to the discovery of a deeper truth – your inner light. This is your true home, the point of light that is the real anchor point. This therefore relates to the highest, Soul Purpose of Cancer, which is to build a spiritual home and selflessly nourish others.

There is great mystery in this statement, which is not to be misunderstood. The home is not a physical building, and the “selfless nourishing” is not referring to physically cooking and catering for others; that would be the lower personality interpretation of Cancer. In the spiritual sense, rather, it means finding the spiritual home within, one’s own Soul light, then cultivating that light until it grows to the point whereby its very radiance is that which nourishes others.

According to Alan Oken, the integrated Cancer Soul “is only aware of the universal Love which underlies the Soul’s expression in Life, and is thereby a server of that Love in conscious devotion to humanity.”
There is a very real, deep, satisfying feeling to be had when you connect to your true home, your Soul. From there, you truly have the capacity to serve and nourish the whole of humanity. But to get there, you need to follow the example of your polar opposite, Capricorn, and “follow the path.” That path leads home, to YOU. This may mean releasing your attachment to the tribe or your family and following your own path. This doesn’t mean physically leaving and going on a trip, but may mean setting boundaries and changing your whole approach to home and family.

Cardinal signs initiate change, while Water signs are about mastery of emotions. So as the Cardinal Water sign, this would mean taking the lead in changing old limiting patterns of attachment and initiating new enlightened ways of relating to your home and family. This would mean relieving yourself of certain duties of old, limiting, familial patterns and obligations that you may have consciously or unconsciously taken on board and that are no longer serving you, so that you give yourself the freedom and space to go within, on your own conscious journey.

Your real home is nourishing, safe and very beautiful, Cancer, but to find it you have to take your attention off others, go within, and begin your conscious journey home.




* Esoteric Astrology, The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey
** Soul Centered Astrology, Alan Oken (2008) Florida, IBIS Press.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer
Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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