Leo-Aquarius: Power, Purpose and the Path of Self-Realization, Part I

Back when Ruth began her Soul Astrology series on RealAstrologers, she started with Aquarius and its opposite sign, Leo. With this installment, she looks at the same sign pair, but from Leo’s perspective. ~ Pat

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Hi diddly-dee, an actors life for me …

Thus sang Honest John, the Fox and his accomplice, the Cat, in Disney’s movie as Pinocchio sets off on his epic journey to become a real boy. As the Soul continues its journey through the twelve zodiac signs, the story of Pinocchio is symbolic of the Soul’s experience in Leo and the higher purpose of Leo: the search for the Real Self.

The sign of Leo is associated with acting, drama, theater, creativity, children, warmth, humor, the heart, generosity, play, parties, entertainment, performing, kings, queens, royalty, nobility and … ego. Leo is commonly associated with ego more than any other sign of the zodiac, and that is understandable, given the circumstances of Leo’s journey. Understanding ego is key to understanding the deeper spiritual significance of Leo.

Fire signs are about Mastery of Action, and fixed signs are all about stability, so we look to Leo, the fixed fire sign, to bring stability in action. Your Leo friend is nothing if not reliable; integrity and loyalty are among their highest values. If a Leo has got your back, you know you’re covered. Welcome to the noble and regal sign of Leo.

The brightest star in the constellation of Leo is Regulus,1 known to the ancients as the ruler, regulator or lawgiver, and the Heart of the Lion. The Leo Soul understands the deepest mysteries of the human heart, the significance of Universal Law, the important role that humanity plays as a “pacemaker” in the heart of our Solar System and, more importantly, that Divine Law is very different from manmade law. The fully-integrated Leo rules through heart-centered leadership and their ability to be a regulator of Divine Law: right expression of Divine Will and Purpose.

Does that mean that every Leo we meet nobly speaks in accord with Divine Law? Alas, no! Before Leo becomes truly regal, we must meet and transcend the actor – the Leo personality.

[headline h=”4″]Understanding Ego[/headline]

Deepak Chopra once described ego as “the mask we wear to meet the outside world.” Our ego is not who we really are, but an illusion created by our personality and character traits. It is a composite of all the learned behaviors, mannerisms, skills, customs, beliefs and values that we have accumulated in this and countless past lives.

The term “socialization” refers to the process by which we learn the values, norms and beliefs of the group or society to which we belong. It is a process of conditioning, and we internalize it to such a degree that we “become” it. Unwittingly, we get lost behind the masks we wear and in the roles we play, truly believing that is who we are. In this way our manmade society defines us, and we become typecast – a theatrical term for being identified with and lost in the role you are playing. As a result of this process, we each have an idea about who we are. This idea of our self is our ego.

[headline h=”4″]Noblesse Oblige[/headline]

Noblesse oblige is a French term originally used to describe the obligations of nobility. Figuratively speaking, this is the concept that one must act in a fashion that conforms to one’s position, and with the reputation that one has earned.” 2

In other words, now that society has given us an idea of who we are, there are obligations and duties that come as part of the role. Therein lies the ego-trap of Leo. Leo tends to become identified with the action: believing you are what you do. He becomes so lost in the many masks he has to wear, each with their own particular set of duties and responsibilities, that he loses sight of his true Self. A king is not free to do as he pleases; he is imprisoned in his role, bound by obligation and duty. This Lion is in a cage.

A very strong sense of duty, obligation and loyalty can imprison Leo in a pattern of continuously meeting manmade obligations that distract him from seeking out and discovering the inner truth of his Being. Unlike Pinocchio, many worldly Leos become so lost in the unending obligations of their roles that life passes them by until there is no time left for them to go on their own Great Adventure: the inner journey to their Real Self.

[headline h=”4″]Who Am I, Really?[/headline]

Whether your role is manager, CEO, unemployed, driver, fire officer, coach, pilot, teacher, actor, soldier, mother, father, friend, gang member, brother, sister, husband, wife, writer, editor, son, daughter, prisoner, homeless, junkie, dealer, addict, doctor, nurse, etc., sooner or later you will lose it – because roles are never permanent. They are not who you are.

Losing your role or position in society can bring a feeling of being insignificant, a sense that you have lost your “self” and don’t know who you are anymore. This existential neurosis, in which you question yourself and the purpose of your existence, is your wake-up call to set off like Pinocchio to search for that which is real within you. To discover who you really are when you are not in a role, you need the group consciousness of your opposite sign, Aquarius.

In Part Two, we see how Leo’s opposite sign Aquarius has the key to the cage – setting the Lion free by leading Leo to his inner truth, power and significance.




1. An interesting article on Regulus, the “Lawgiver,” can be found at this link on SouledOut.org.

2. Dictionnaire de l’Académie française, quoted on Wikipedia .

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