Sagittarius-Gemini: Silence… and the Love of Wisdom (Part 1)

Detail of "School of Athens," by Raphael, 1510. Apostolic Palace, Vatican City.

The sign of Sagittarius is associated with fun, gregariousness, optimism, friendliness, generosity, teaching, knowledge, philosophy and spiritual seeking. Welcome to the sign of great sages, wise men (and women), and spiritual teachers.

So does every Sagittarian we meet carry the wisdom of Solomon? Not exactly … or, at least, not yet. Let’s just say they are on their way!

Known as the great philosophers of the Zodiac, our Sagittarian friends have a thirst for knowledge. They may not necessarily be hanging out in the halls of academia (although many are!) but nevertheless they are driven by a need to understand the Universe and everything in it. The thirst for wisdom is innate in every Sagittarian. Indeed the term “philosopher” comes from the ancient Greek words philos (love of) and Sophia (wisdom).

Esoterically, Sagittarius is the first of the “signs of service,” 1 and the fully integrated Sagittarian is here to “uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom.”2 The highest octave of Sagittarius resonates with ultimate truth, freedom, and our highest spiritual goals, but before he can reach them, our Sagittarian friend needs to transcend the ego traps of the Sagittarian personality. To do that, he needs the ecclectic, all-embracing wisdom of his polar opposite, Gemini.

Mutable energy is all about change, and fire signs are all about mastery of action. As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is here to change the way we do things.” We can see how the word “philosophy” becomes distorted at the personality level so that, rather than simply being a love of wisdom, having a philosophy becomes about having a prescription for how we “should” live our lives. This is a clue to the lower ego trap of Sagittarius.

Spain is ruled by Sagittarius, and it is said that the Spanish Inquisition (A medieval religious tribunal where many people were tortured and killed to “test” their affiliation to the Catholic Church) was a manifestation of lower octave Sagittarius. At its highest octave, Sagittarius brings us truth and freedom and sets us on our spiritual path; at its lowest octave, Sagittarius can erroneously create belief systems and impose them on others. It is indeed a Sagittarian ego-trap to fervently pursue one mental concept to the exclusion of all others, in the mistaken belief that he has found the Truth. This then becomes dogma.

The term “philosophy” has been attributed to Pythagoras, who, it is said, could hear the music of the spheres. In the Pythagorean school, students were required to undertake daily self-examination.. This meant a process of going within and observing the esoteric processes within one’s own body, speech, and mind. Pythagoras knew that real wisdom is to be found by going within, rather than studying things outside of ourselves. True wisdom is also to be found beyond words:

[quote cite=”Lin Yutang”]He who talks about truth injures it thereby;
He who tries to prove it thereby maims and distorts it;
He who gives it a label and a school of thought kills it;
And He who declares himself a believer buries it.


The true mastery that is required of Sagittarius is to turn his attention inwards and master his own thoughts, words, and deeds. Symbolised by the Archer, it is quite typical of Sagittarian energy to latch onto one goal, purpose, or idea, and get totally lost down that rabbit hole, blinded to all that is around him. By accessing the diffuse, eclectic energy of his opposite sign, Gemini, Sagittarius learns to consider all the options, be less one-sided, and become aware of the multidimensional facets of life. By going within and realizing the multidimensional aspect of his true nature, Sagittarius eventually learns to discern truth from opinion, and finds that which he is seeking: true love-wisdom.

The Tibetan (Master Djwal Khul) explains how humanity is currently evolving in conscious awareness from instinct, through intellect, to intuition.1 The intellect is a necessary part of our evolution. It allowed us to transcend instinct, or our animal “urges,” and create civilizations. Yet, following intellectual pursuits keeps our attention outside of ourselves. Now that Sagittarius has used his intellect to free himself from the everyday burden of instinct – physically hunting for food – his next step is to go within and explore his intuitive realm.



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2. Esoteric Astrology: The Journey Of The Soul, by Candy Hillenbrand. View online at A Place in Space.


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