Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness, Part II

Stars being born in the Orion Nebula. Composite of images from the Hubble Space Telescope, by C.R. O’Dell of Rice University and NASA/ESA.

The Soul Journey through Aquarius mirrors the unfoldment of human consciousness at this current point of our evolution as we enter the Aquarian Age. Over a period of time, roughly spanning the next 140 years, the whole of humanity will undergo a rite of passage akin to the Soul’s journey through Aquarius. As we shift from unconscious reacting to our external environment (impulsiveness in Aries), we pass through self awareness (in Leo) and eventually become conscious co-creators of our reality, powerful masters of our own energy flow in Aquarius.

How many of us are consciously able to choose a specific emotional energy wavelength – for example, love or appreciation – and then consciously flow that energy for a prolonged period of time without any interruption or distraction? The ability to become a continuous outpouring of love and life without interruption from our “monkey mind” is the hallmark of the fully integrated Aquarian Soul.

There are some key distinctions which will help us to understand the progression from the lower Aquarian vibration to the higher Aquarian octaves. As we collectively journey through the Age of Aquarius, these shifts in consciousness are some of the signposts we may see along the way:

Indifference to Compassion

The urge to be of service to the group can lead the Aquarian personality to adopt an aloof air of indifference, for fear of being subsumed by the needs of others. This indifference becomes transformed into detached compassion and true equanimity in the fully integrated Aquarian Soul as deep empathy and the importance of each individual within the group is recognized.

From Powerlessness to Empowerment

In spite of an urge to serve, the Aquarian personality often feels powerless in the face of all the problems in the world and can often be found in political activist groups, protesting the perceived enemy. The fully integrated Aquarian Soul has built up powerful spiritual energies over many lifetimes, which radiate from him like the Sun, transforming all around him. He combines this with a capacity to direct the flow of this energy wherever it is needed. He knows it is not what he says or does that matters as much as his presence and how he is flowing his energy. This is Christ Consciousness.

From “Us and Them” to We (there is no separation)

The Aquarian personality has a tendency to divide and separate. There is still polarity and a tendency to view the world in categories: this type of thing and/or that type of person, supporting one group over another, or taking sides with one group against another. The fully integrated Aquarian Soul has realized true equanimity – that there is only one humanity, there is no separation, we are all connected, have equal needs, and we all matter. There is no Aquarius versus Leo; it is all one energy, on a continuum.

From Emotional Coolness to Emotional Intelligence
Because of his preoccupation with mental processing, the Aquarian personality can sometimes be emotionally immature, and often presents as a scientist or boffin who is intellectually brilliant yet emotionally insecure, detached and socially inept. In contrast, the fully integrated Aquarian Soul is highly spiritually and emotionally intelligent, utilizing all his senses including empathy, warmth, self-awareness and intuition to discern where and how he may next be of selfless service.

Aquarius is depicted as a man holding an inverted vase.
The man inverts the vase and out of it come two streams of water,
the river of life and the river of love,
and those two words, life and love,
are the two words that embody the technique of the Aquarian age;
not form, not mind, but life and love.

-Alice Bailey1

The fully integrated Aquarian Soul is the World Server: an individual expression of Christ Consciousness in service, pouring forth the dual waters of love and life for thirsty humanity.”2 But before he can reach such spiritual heights, the Aquarian personality has a long way to go, and his journey takes him within, where he discovers the unpredictable terrain of his own heart by accessing the energy of his polar opposite, Leo.

This is a tricky path. Another ego trap for the Aquarian personality (and there are many!) is in believing he is already “there,” already enlightened. Because he quickly grasps concepts mentally, he believes there is nothing more for him to do in terms of his own spiritual journey. He may make the common mistake of thinking he has “got it,” when in fact he has yet to realize the concept within his own experience and integrate it into his physical being.

The powerful energies of love and life that flow through the fully integrated Aquarian Soul have accumulated over many lifetimes spent transforming fear and negative thought patterns, while cultivating life-force energy, unconditional love and compassion. The Buddha used the analogy of untying knots to explain our spiritual process. As we re-trace our steps on our inner journey home, we undo all the knots of our own pain and suffering. This experiential learning is first grasped mentally, synthesized emotionally, then fully integrated physically. We cannot skip over it or bypass this pathway.

Aquarius can’t leap to the end result without having walked the path in Capricorn (although he may want to!). It is interesting that Saturn, the task master and Lord of Karma, is the personality ruler of Capricorn and also the old ruler of Aquarius. No Zodiac sign stands in isolation, and it is important for Aquarius more than any to remember this important point. Each sign unfolds one into the other, and Aquarius needs to remember the important lessons learned in Capricorn if he is to fully flower into Christ Consciousness.

Only by going deep within will Aquarius discover powerful energies within himself, that he has the power to bring under his conscious control:

[In Aquarius] Hercules had to aid in the cleansing of the world by the right direction of the forces of life through it. You appreciate that we are entering into the Aquarian age where materialism, as we know it, will have completely died out at the close
and when the whole life will be interpreted in terms of energies.
We are dealing entirely with forces…
You are dealing with energies and you are mis- using energies.
Watch yourself and begin to work in the world of forces within yourself.”

– Alice Bailey1

There are deeper mysteries hidden in Aquarius that we cannot yet begin to comprehend. Many of these will be revealed to us as we progress through the Age of Aquarius, expanding our perception and inner awareness. In the Labors of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, Hercules’ eleventh labor is a metaphor for the Soul’s journey through Aquarius.1 After completing his task successfully, not only was his work not recognised, but the King accused Hercules of trickery and refused to pay him! This is an important key to understanding the heightened stage of consciousness and advanced skill that is demonstrated by the Aquarian Soul.

At this level the flow of love and life continues as a steady stream, not for personal reward, payment or recognition (these are concerns of the ego, which would be a distraction from our Soul work). If the flow of love and life was dependent upon praise, which then never came, these vital energies would wane. This is an important point.

This point is illustrated in the story of a Tibetan monk who was imprisoned and tortured for many years by Chinese Soldiers.2. When asked if he was ever afraid, his reply was yes: he was afraid he would lose compassion. He knew that his ability to continue flowing benevolent energy was what mattered most, irrespective of the attitude and behavior of those around him and the external circumstances. It is the same point that Jesus Christ was making when he taught about “turning the other cheek.”

The Sun continues to shine whether we remember to appreciate it or not. The Aquarian Soul is here to be of service to humanity for no other reason but that (in the words of his Leo counterpart) “the show must go on!” If you have Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Aquarius, you are here to consciously flow your energy into the world in ways that make a positive difference.

You matter, Aquarius. Your energy is truly vital for the good of the whole, but you will never realize this by self-denial and using group activism as an excuse to avoid your inner path. Your own ego is a vital foundation for the flowering of your Soul. Adopt the courage of your opposite number, Leo. Look your own ego squarely in the eye, complete with all your deepest fears, failings, needs, and vulnerabilities, and be prepared to walk your inner path to the very end. This way you will discover your true magnificence: your inner light that is brighter than any Sun, and the beautiful energies of love and life may flow through you continuously without end, for the good of the whole.




1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.
2. Garchen Rinpoche tells his story in the movie The Yogis of Tibet.

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