Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart, Part I

Pisces SoulThe sign of Pisces is associated with illusion, delusion, glamour, suffering, sensitivity, bondage, captivity, prisons, hospitals, religious orders, renunciation, detachment, self-sacrifice, and death.

Sound like fun? If you thought Scorpio was intense, welcome to the oceanic depths of Pisces. Having journeyed through the previous 11 signs of the Zodiac, spending up to eight lifetimes in each, the Soul in Pisces has been around the block. No wonder your Piscean friends sometimes seem to be carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Having learned to flow the energies of love and life consciously, accurately, and consistently in Aquarius to become a World Server, the Pisces Soul becomes a liberated, radiant expression of Christ Consciousness, a World Savior. A developmental cycle is complete, and the Soul is now fully mature and ready to fulfil divine purpose.

In Aquarius, the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned
that produces the world Saviour in Pisces. 
 ~ Alice Bailey1

Does every Piscean we meet have the saintly qualities of a World Savior? Not quite. As we shall see, there is a big difference between the personality vibration and the Soul expression of Pisces. The gap between the lower octaves and higher octaves of this mysterious sign is the biggest in the whole Zodiac, and the difference is one of fear and love. Bridging this gap is the longest journey humanity will ever make.

The sign of Pisces embodies oceanic consciousness. Water signs are all about mastery of emotions, and mutable signs are all about change, so that gives us a clue to the higher purpose of this sign. Collectively, under the influence of Pisces, we are here to transform through our emotions. As the sign of oceanic consciousness, Pisces is aware of and experiences the consciousness of humanity. This is why Pisces has the reputation of being the most sensitive sign of all. It means sensitive in the sense of being aware of and able to use all of our senses – not, as some people unfairly presume, in the sense of being a wimp.

Indeed, our Piscean friends can really step up to the plate when the chips are down and stand their ground as good as anybody. You wouldn’t want to cross a Piscean who is standing up for what they believe is right. The real sensitivity of Pisces comes from their ability to sense everything. Now think about that. Would you really want to feel everything that everyone is feeling? All of the time? Pisces does. And with that comes great sadness and great responsibility.

Pisces feels and lives with the truth of suffering every moment of every day. No wonder they drink – and many do! All forms of escapism are a very real risk for our Piscean friends: movies, TV, computer games, drugs, alcohol – anything that numbs the pain is a big temptation for them. For Pisces, the suffering of humanity is a real, lived experience, not a mental concept or idea. Pisces feels the interconnectedness of us all and feels your pain. In a sense, they really are carrying the burden of humanity. If you have Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign in Pisces, you’d be wise to avoid the temptation to numb yourself. Learn about the higher power and purpose of your magnificent sign, and know what you can do to ease the pain for yourself and others, by using the “medicine” of your opposite sign.

The challenge for the Pisces personality is one of identification. Water signs tend to become identified with their feelings, and the Pisces personality all too easily becomes identified with deep feelings of sadness, self-pity, and low self-esteem. (Low self-esteem comes from the illusion that negative and painful feelings are yourself). Blinded by glamour and desperate to escape from their fears, the biggest life lesson for a Pisces personality is to learn that they are not their feelings.2 Your fears will dissolve like morning mist when you to realize your true spiritual nature. But to do this, you first need the laser-like discernment of your opposite sign, Virgo.

The Piscean personality often confuses self-sacrifice with people-pleasing, which leads to the mistaken thinking that you are either a victim or a martyr who has to continually neglect your own needs and defer to the whims of others. This misguided thinking is part of what you are here to transform and transcend. At Soul level, Pisces knows the deeper spiritual significance of self-sacrifice, in the sense that the deeper meaning of the word “sacrifice” means “to make sacred.” The “sacrifice” is of your lower, fear-based self, as you awaken to your sacred heart energy and align with the Self that knows all are one.

What do we mean by a sacred heart? We are not talking about the physical heart, but a very subtle and powerful energy field. The sacred heart is the subtle connection between us and the divine, which, when awakened, allows us to flow divine energy into the physical world. All you need to do to awaken it is to continuously and consistently place your attention upon it. Before this can happen, the pure focus and discernment of Virgo is needed: first, to cultivate somatic (body) awareness and then to discern subtler and subtler energies within our whole being. The word “sacrifice” refers to the practice of bringing loving attention to the subtler aspects of our being, so that we realize our own spiritual nature, our “Sacred Self.” Our sacred heart lies at the center of our Sacred Self and is that which connects us all.

The fluid, sensitive, temperament in Pisces – mediumistic and psychically polarised – must be stabilised in Virgo, in which sign mental introspection and critical analysis become possible and serve to arrest the fluidity of Pisces.  These two signs balance each other. ~ Alice Bailey1

When the oceanic consciousness of Pisces accesses the pristine purity and loving awareness of Virgo, something miraculous happens. Rather than being numb, the focus and precision of Virgo helps you to feel more deeply and precisely, until you identify and access your sacred heart. You experience the transformation of negative emotions as you breathe through your own heart. This felt experience in Virgo brings Pisces to the realization that when you make just one small change within yourself, it changes the whole. This is the true power and mystery of Pisces, and it comes from a real-lived experience, not from a belief or an idea. It is the knowledge of how one transforms the many: that one pure droplet, changes the whole ocean.

It is in the sign of Pisces that humanity’s greatest spiritual achievements are fully realized, and so it makes sense that our greatest challenges also lie in this sign. Before we can realize the spiritual heights, we have to acknowledge the depths. Acknowledging the truth of the ocean of human suffering, rather than trying to escape, avoid, or run from it, is the greatest challenge our Pisces friends will ever face. Yet it is only by fully examining suffering with the critical eye of Virgo that we begin to fully understand the cause.

In Part 2, we explore the whole purpose of human incarnation. We will see the mechanism through which the highest octave of Pisces transforms an “ocean of suffering” and becomes a World Savior.




1. Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.
2. The Piscean Age is called the “Age of Glamour,” in which our suffering is very real indeed, yet the causes are rooted in illusion and delusion. To understand the mechanism of this and how it relates to Pisces, see my earlier article, “Pisces-Virgo: Completing the Age of Spiritual Redemption.”


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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