Weekly Forecast August 6: Mercury Direct

Having been pummeled thoroughly by Mercury retrograde over the past week, I am duly humbled and contrite. But I got the work done, by goddess, despite every obstacle that the trickster threw in my path – literally hundreds, if you count every computer bug, output glitch, and customer service issue separately.

My work is now online as a pitch piece to raise funding for a full-length documentary about professional astrologers.

The New Astrologers from Pat Paquette on Vimeo.

This is what I have been working on day and night for the past four months. It began as a second-quarter class project for film and video school. The day before the final cut was due in mid-June, my backup hard drive crashed to the floor and knocked the main drive just enough to cause irreparable damage. I lost all the contents, including all the original source material. Fortunately, my cameraman had all the interview footage backed up on his computer at home. That was the good news. The bad news was that I had to synch the video and sound all over again, and of course the entire piece had to be reconstructed. That seemed like a good Mercury retrograde project – and I suppose it was, given that the pitch piece is now online. But the entire process was definitely a lesson in Mercury retrograde dynamics.

The next step is applying for grants and raising donations, so please help me get the word out! If you’d like to make a donation, please feel free to do so now. However, I’ll be launching an official donation campaign later this month, with a Facebook page and possibly its own website.

I’m relieved I got the work done and uploaded this weekend, because Mercury stations direct on Wednesday. As the station approaches, we’ll likely experience Mercury retrograde gridlock, not just in traffic, but in Internet and telecommunications as well. My computer is slow today, for no apparent reason.

That said, I managed to begin reconstructing my astrology program. I’ve relocated all the custom settings for my chart wheels. The bigger task is to find out where the settings for my forecast graphs live so that I can begin working on the Fall 2012 edition of StarGuide. I’m determined to make it available around the first of September so that you can order it well ahead of the season change.

As for this week, it’s worth mentioning again that the most-recent New Moon and Full Moon both occurred while Mercury was retrograde, so any developments related to those lunations may have been delayed. Once Mercury returns direct, you may experience sudden events that normally you would have expected around the New Moon and Full Moon. For clues about what those developments might be, check the house position in your birth chart and aspects from the Moon to your natal planets. Also check to see where Mercury has been retrograde (12°33′ to 1°26′ Leo).

Mercury stations fairly close to the inconjunct with Neptune that I wrote about last week. I’ve had some odd dreams, but they actually have had a point. One of them revealed yet another detail in “other-life” memories that have been slowly rising to the surface since last summer. But I’ve also had some dreams that were just noise, like static between channels on the radio.

It’s also possible that as we begin to see more and more clearly into other dimensions of reality, we don’t entirely understand what we’re seeing and feeling, and the result is some disorientation or confusion. I’ve been getting some great reports of progress from friends, family, and clients. The influence of the Mercury-Neptune quincunx will last throughout the week, until after Mercury makes a third and final alignment to Neptune on Saturday.

Otherwise, we have only two other major planetary transits this week, both involving Venus. On Tuesday, she enters Cancer. Her sign change is especially significant, because she has been in Gemini since early April due to her own retrograde phase. Normally, Venus spends only about four weeks in a sign. It’s also significant that her movement through the final degrees of Gemini has occurred with Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, retrograde. Revisiting unresolved relationship issues has been important. At the very least, you’ve probably become aware of issues that you didn’t see before, or you may be seeing them in a new light that allows you to take a different approach. It’s possible there’s still some clarification needed.

Once Venus enters Cancer on Tuesday, talking out issues becomes less important than demonstrating affection and caring, and actions will speak louder than words. If you’re one of those people who need to hear the words “I love you” or who insists on open communications, try watching your partner and other loved ones for how they show you they care in other ways. Stopping by the grocery store for you, picking up the kids when it’s your turn so that you can get a much-need break, fixing your car or computer, or just quietly holding your hand are all very loud communications that say “I care about you.” Not everyone is a good verbal communicator, and although ideally we want partners who can be direct and tell us what’s going on with them, sometimes they are better at communicating nonverbally. It can be hard for these quiet souls, because others don’t always recognize and appreciate their language.

Some people are able to communicate with each other telepathically, especially when they are in an intimate relationship. I’m betting that most of you know what I mean, since I have a high proportion of readers who are psychically sensitive. Even if you’re not, you may get a glimpse of this phenomenon this week, when Venus forms a dreamy trine with Neptune in Pisces. Connecting on a soul level can be a powerful experience under this influence.

So, hang in there for a few more days. You’ll feel a noticeable shift in the middle of this week. Overall, it should feel pretty good – keeping in mind that the Uranus-Pluto square is the elephant in the room, and more-sweeping changes are taking place on a collective level.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

3 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast August 6: Mercury Direct

  1. Joe

    Pat, to hear you tell it, you sure are badly affected by Mercury rx! Wow. I hardly notice these times, but then he’s my chart ruler and I believe natally he is rx also, so that might be why.

    Interestingly, all of a sudden a home renovation project that had been stalled since January lurched forward this past Friday and is picking up speed. And all of a sudden, a dozen other homes are showing signs of renovation in this general area of the city.


  2. Pat Post author

    That’s interesting, Joe. I’d have to look at the charts for more information before proclaiming any one astrological aspect the dominant influence. There are a few possibilities. The Uranus-Pluto square is about breaking down and breaking through, and with Pluto in Cap, infrastructure is a major theme, and the Full Moon made a nice trine/sextile to Uranus and Jupiter. Now we just need Mercury to return direct. Two days and counting as I type …


  3. John

    Beautiful documentary, Pat! I can’t wait to see your fully finished product. I know it will lead many people to look beyond their natal sun signs. As you have shared with me for nearly a decade now (has it been that long?) there is a whole world to explore within astrology that exists beyond newspaper horoscopes.


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