Venus, Uranus, and the Inner Journey of Libra, Part I

White Buffalo Calf Woman, original artwork by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie. See end of article for more info.

Libra season is upon us once again, bringing with it an opportunity for balance and harmony, multi-dimensionally.

The sign of Libra is associated with balance, harmony, relationship, ethics, beauty and law. These are all expressions of, and are connected through, the principle of harmonics which in itself is based upon the fundamental law of right relationship. Therein lies the secret to the deeper mysteries of Libra, and indeed, the mysteries of existence. The whole of existence depends upon right relationship. Science is only just beginning to realize how delicately balanced an eco-system is. A disruption in one tiny area can have devastating effects throughout the whole system. The balance depends upon right realtionship, which we recognize through our senses as harmony.

Following the journey of the Soul through the 12 signs of the zodiac, after the synthesis of spirit and matter in Virgo, the Light in Libra comes to rest. However it is not a peaceful rest, not yet. It is resting in the knowledge of what is to come. It is in Libra that the battleground becomes apparent, in readiness for the battle which must ensue in Scorpio. Esoterically it is said we do battle in two signs: Leo and Scorpio. In Leo we battle for our individuality; in Scorpio we battle for our soul. In Libra, we prepare by becoming more aware of the duality. We finally recognize the relationship between polarities. In our awareness of the separation between the opposites: self and other, yin and yang, personality and soul. In Libra we see what needs to be done, to restore right relationship and resolve the duality. The final resolution happens in Scorpio. What happens in Libra is an expansion of perception, awareness, and an important shift in consciousness.

Libra has three planetary rulers or “space-holders,” which are important for understanding the deeper mysteries of this important sign. Venus is the “ruler” at personality level, Uranus is the ruler at soul level, and Saturn is the ruler at hierarchical level. For the purposes of this article we are only looking at the personality and soul rulers, Venus and Uranus, since the hierarchical level is cosmic in nature and beyond our capacity for comprehension at our current level of consciousness. Having said that, we can see that having the “Lord of Karma,” Saturn, as ruler at this hierarchical level hints at the significance of Libra for the resolution of karma, the evolution of humanity, and humanity’s role in the karmic balancing of our Earth home and her ecosystem.

It is also worth noting that, esoterically, all three planetary “rulers” of Libra are considered to be sacred planets. Air signs are all about mastery of the mind, and cardinal energy is all about carving out new pathways, so as the cardinal air sign, we can only begin to imagine the deep significance of Libra’s sacred role in the evolution of consciousness.

Venus brings the energy of magnetic attraction. Initially this is animal magnetism, and at the personality level she awakens desire and passion within the individual, which lays the foundation for experiences of love. We see this Venusian influence expressed as sensuality at personality level in Taurus and as a pathway through higher mind to higher love at soul level in Gemini. Now in Libra, as a result of the preparation in Virgo, the individual is able to conceive of higher love and harmony at the personality level, bring this down to Earth (thanks to Virgo) and express this into the outer world through the personality. This is done through right relationship between self and other.

Harmony is our way of knowing when components within a system are in right relationship to one another. Think of an orchestra tuning up, before playing a symphony. During the tune-up, each instrument is just making its own sound with no regard for the other instruments. The result is just noise. We wouldn’t call it music, because it isn’t harmonious. When we hear music, harmony is present. There is “right” relationship between the notes. When each note is played in right relationship to the others, harmony is the result.

The whole field of ethics is dedicated to the study of “right” decision-making. How do we know when we have made a “right” decision? Right decisions are those which are in alignment with Divine Law. They lead to greater harmony because they are in right relationship with the whole of existence. Wrong decisions are those which are out of step, out of tune, and bring disharmony. There is a lack of regard for, or relationship with, the other components within the system. The Libra personality, often unfairly, has a reputation for being indecisive, yet we can see that it is actually the process of decision-making which concerns Libra greatly. It is important that Libra understands how to arrive at the “right” decision, so that we can increasingly move toward greater harmony.

In this context we can see that sometimes manmade laws can actually be disharmonious. So when we say Libra is associated with law, we are speaking of the Divine Laws of attraction, right relationship, harmony and natural law. These are not laws like man-made laws, but rather natural principles, like the law of gravity, which guide the whole of existence. Harmony itself is a natural, balancing, principle. In Esoteric Astrology, by Alice Bailey, the Tibetan explains that the sign of Libra is greatly concerned with the themes of law, sex, and money. Sex and money are more often associated with Scorpio in mundane astrology, yet it is actually through the sign of Libra where imbalances and abuses of power in these areas can be brought to balance, through right relationship.

In Part II, we’ll explore the role of Uranus in balancing through rebellion.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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About the artist: This oil painting, the seventh in the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie, envisions Libra as White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought a message of peace to the Lakota people two centuries ago. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art (her prints are very affordable).