Weekly Forecast January 7: Mars Square Saturn, New Moon in Capricorn

© Vasiliy Koval  for Dreamstime.com.

© Vasiliy Koval for Dreamstime.com.

This sure has been the strangest week, and the weirdness likely will continue right up to the New Moon on Friday.

I’ve had several clients with some sort of crisis this week, which has meant time away from writing reports. If I still owe you a written report, please be assured that I’m working as diligently as possible. On top of everything else, I’ve had my own crises.

The pattern I’m seeing is conflict in relationships, many of them regarding family, whether in this lifetime or another. Since we just had a fully loaded Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of family, I’d say that is the astrological signature behind most of the turmoil. There may be complicating factors, depending on where the Moon fell in your chart and aspects to your personal planets.

Fortunately, I’m also seeing some evidence that conflict presents an opportunity for healing and reconciliation – or, at the very least, an agreement to disagree. Emotional outbursts can be part of the healing, too. We who value peace often mistake repressing anger for being virtuous, when sometimes, the opposite is true. If you truly can let a slight go and be done with it, that’s fine. But more often, we tell ourselves that these little offenses are “no big deal,” and we fear that if we speak up, we’ll look childish for making a mountain out of a molehill. And often that is the response we get, even when we use the correct “I” statements that avoid blame or accusation. You don’t need to get that response too many times before you just clam up and stuff down your feelings.

This past week, it seems like the lid has been blown off, and it’s all coming up. That would be the conjunction of Sun and Pluto, with an easy outflow to Saturn in Scorpio. The waning Moon is a good time to get rid of anything we don’t want, so I encourage you to open up and accept the release.

The pressure mounts as we approach Monday’s Mars-Saturn square, which occurs early in the morning in the United States. However, Mars remains in favorable contact with Jupiter, and while that aspect is separating, it suggests that some good can still come out of conflict. Saturn also is in favorable contact with Pluto and Mercury, indicating that it’s possible to get to the bottom of the source of tension and talk it out. I’m not saying it will be easy, but it’s possible.

On Tuesday, Venus enters Capricorn, bringing a more somber air to discussions but favoring long-term commitment. When the going gets tough, the tough can’t jet off to Europe but have to stay and do the hard work. This past week, I stumbled on a couple of old articles from Oprah about the positive role of conflict in relationships and ways to avoid fighting like a jerk. I just love the phrase “virtue of discipline.” A friend of mine who does couples counseling says relationships are one of the fastest paths to personal growth, for the very reason that calling out someone else on their shit requires that you take responsibility for yourself – which is very different from taking all the blame. It’s a fine line, and in fact it does require a lot of self-discipline. A fitting message for Venus in Capricorn.

New Moon in Capricorn

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If that doesn’t sound like very much fun, we get some sweetness on Thursday, when Venus sextiles dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Mergers and acquisitions don’t have to be hostile.

Friday is the New Moon, with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Juno all in Capricorn. That’s a load of Cap! Ambitious, goal-oriented, disciplined, and all business … yet not without a heart. The Uranus-Pluto square is fairly wide, but Venus is in close contact with the planet of upsets and surprises, so there are opportunities for startling breakthroughs. Just be prepared to endure some discomfort to get to new heights.

I’ll be putting the StarGuide Winter 2013 forecast on sale shortly, so if you’ve been thinking about it, check back in a day or so. Please just keep in mind that I’m behind on existing orders, so I won’t be able to complete your report right away.

Wishing you much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat