Weekly Forecast June 10: Saturn Trines Neptune, Venus Opposes Pluto

The Boston Massacre. Detail of an engraving by Paul Revere, March 1770.

The Boston Massacre. Detail of an engraving by Paul Revere, March 1770.

In my down state, I’ve been watching a lot of movies, borrowed from our terrific local library. Last week, I found the seven-part miniseries John Adams, which first aired on HBO in March 2008.

Despite historical inaccuracies typical in Hollywood productions, the miniseries is a decidedly unromanticized version of history and rightly won several awards. Based on the biography by David McCullough, it’s an excellent portrayal of the conflicts among colonial leaders, not all of whom were ready to take up arms and fight for their rights. There were those who strongly preferred negotiations to war and who feared that uprisings in Massachusetts would subject all of the colonies to a deadly crackdown by the British.

The first episode begins with the Boston Massacre, in which a crowd agitated by the growing tyranny of England provokes British soldiers into opening fire. The soldiers are charged with murder, and the only lawyer who will defend them is John Adams, who goes against his countrymen on the principle that everyone deserves the right to a fair trial.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know where I’m going with this, yes?

The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770, with Pluto in Capricorn. The Uranus-Pluto square had occurred more than a decade earlier, in late Pisces and Sagittarius. Incidentally, the square in March 1758 occurred with Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center – just a bit of interesting astro-trivia there. I mentioned the Boston incident in a post in August 2011 that actually was about a Michael Lutin presentation at the National Press Club in 2008. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The HBO miniseries was broadcast less than two months after Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in January 2008. Talk about synchronicities. Michael Lutin’s Press Club speech (which you can watch in my August 2011 post) followed an article he wrote for Vanity Fair magazine about the implications for the United States of Pluto in Capricorn. What I remember most from his speech – which has reverberated in my mind many times over – were his words, “You’re all under surveillance.”

Well, well, well.

Mikey predicted it would all go down in 2011. He was off by a couple of years, but so what? His predictions ring uncannily true, including his opinion that it didn’t matter who won the White House in 2008. Of course, we already were under heavy surveillance when he gave that presentation, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist or even an astrologer to know it. The bomb dropped by The Guardian on Wednesday, followed by even bigger ones, wasn’t really news to anyone who’s been paying attention.

As I type, the whistleblower has come forward. Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old employee of a contractor for the National Security Agency, is inevitably being compared to Private Bradley Manning, who is on trial for leaking classified information on the war in Iraq. Rather than being hanged for treason – the punishment of choice in colonial America – Manning has been imprisoned for three years awaiting trial and, by all accounts, tortured by cruel and inhuman means. We have, after all, progressed toward a more civilized society, especially here in the United States, land of the free and home of the brave.

Back to John Adams, he eventually became the new nation’s first vice president and second president, although history sort of seems to have forgotten him in favor of more classic heroes such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even his own cousin, Samuel Adams. John Adams was by all measures conservative. Yet, he called a spade a spade, and he was one of the most vociferous supporters of fighting for independence, once it became apparent that negotiating with the British would solve nothing – and he figured that out early on. That, I believe, is the critical lesson for us now.

In an interview with The Guardian, Snowden said he would have gone to the media sooner, but he was waiting to see whether President Obama would curb some of the abuses of the NSA. When he not only failed to do so but expanded the program, Snowden made his move. To an astrologer, it’s no coincidence that the revelation came with Uranus in a close square to Pluto. The big question now is how the American public will react. Very clearly, this isn’t an abuse that can be remedied by voting out one political party in favor of another – a point, by the way, that I made several years ago and for which I was soundly flamed by Obama supporters.

I don’t know precisely where this is all going to lead, but I do know that we have more explosive times ahead. As I’ve remarked before, the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square will last for another five years at least. After that, we’ll march steadily toward the Pluto return of the United States in 2022. In the meantime, we’ll also experience a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in 2020, and in 2026, Saturn and Neptune conjoin in Aries. I have extensive thoughts on what these transits will entail, but I’ll save them for another time.

Surveillance of the citizenry is very definitely a signature for Pluto in Capricorn, and it’s interesting to note that publication of the extent of the abuse occurred with Mercury in opposition to Pluto and square Uranus. Also, warrior Mars in Gemini made a square to Neptune, planet of fog and deception. Note, too, that Mercury was approaching conjunction with the United States Sun, and the Uranus-Pluto square isn’t far from making contact with the U.S. Sun (exact in April 2014). From an astrological perspective, it makes perfect sense that the news broke last week. I confess that I couldn’t have predicted it exactly (especially in my current condition), but I did note in last week’s forecast that we’d likely have some shocking headlines:

Collectively, I think we’ll see more jarring headlines – not that anything could shock us anymore, but the extent to which we’ve been deceived and lied to could be a revelation to many.

Looking at the week ahead, Venus follows on the heels of Mercury by opposing Pluto (Tuesday) and squaring Uranus (Wednesday). Venus in Cancer is a soft influence, and yet in a T-square with Pluto, she can’t be expected to do much to soften the recent blow. If anything, the powers responsible for this gross invasion of privacy may try to further defend the program on the grounds of national security: “We’re keeping you safe from terrorists,” etc. Internet companies such as Google and Facebook also may try to reassure their users. We’ll see how many people buy it, and how well the government will be able to persuade its citizenry to fight among themselves instead of aiming their anger where it rightly belongs.

The other big aspect of this week is the trine of Saturn and Neptune, second of a three-part transit. The first occurred in October 2012, and the third and final pass will fall on July 19 as part of the grand trine with Jupiter. Trines in general are highly favorable, and grand trines even more so. My only worry is that storms involving precipitation and flooding could be exaggerated; after all, nature doesn’t share our subjective notions of “good” and “bad.” An unimpeded path for us also can be an unimpeded path for a hurricane. But do make what you can of it, starting now. Don’t wait until July to decide how you want to use this rare gift of cosmic energy.

Speaking of energy, mine is still low, but the good news is that I feel like I finally bottomed out this past week. It’s been a very hard place to be, and I don’t feel like I’m out of the woods yet. The demons are following me out of hell and nipping at my heels. Short walks, doing little tasks in my apartment, and lying on the couch watching movies have been my best strategies. Chocolate is nice, too, but unfortunately, all this lying around has exacerbated my weight and blood pressure – issues I’ll need to address once I have the strength to get out more. If you recently ordered a report and have not heard from me, expect an e-mail in the next day or two. My deepest apologies, and my heartfelt appreciation for those of you who have been so patient, understanding, and concerned for my well-being.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

8 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast June 10: Saturn Trines Neptune, Venus Opposes Pluto

  1. mancoskate

    “The big question now is how the American public will react.”

    Read this in The Christian Science Monitor this morning:
    GREELEY, COLO. – Officials in eight northern Colorado counties united in opposition to the state’s new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations are reportedly considering forming a 51st U.S. state called North Colorado.

    I was surprised to know this about the state I live in since local papers report nothing that could be called news. This news, in addition to the 64 Colorado Sheriffs who are in a stand-off/lawsuit with the Feds (they refuse to enforce new gun laws), should have other town folk interested you’d think. Yet I haven’t found one person who knows much beyond common gossip of what’s happening in their own ‘backyards’. Forget about nationally or globally.

    I’m beginning to wonder IF the American majority will react. We could use a few John Adams now.

    “Anybody here seen my old friend Bobby?
    Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    I thought I saw him walkin’ up over the hill,
    With Abraham, Martin and John.” Dion

    So glad to hear you’re through the worst and coming back, Pat. Sending healing thoughts and thanks for another interesting and helpful post.


  2. Joe

    About those Obama supporters who flamed you… well, now the shoe is on the other foot and they’re castigating him almost as roundly as they did Bush. And I remember Lutin’s comment, as well. I keep thinking, also, of warnings elsewhere about the imminent ingress of Pluto into Cap… if I knew then what I’ve learned now, I would have done a lot of small things differently and perhaps be in a better spot now. Maybe.

    I can’t help noting the age of the NSA informant. He’s about to enter, or is already in the midst of, his first Saturn Return. Isn’t Saturn about accountability? :)

    I don’t know the cause of your high BP but can you tolerate garlic? It naturally reduces high BP, as does hibiscus tea.


  3. John

    I wonder if people have finally begun to realize that there really isn’t any meaningful distinction between the Democrats and Republicans? At least in terms of all presidents since Reagan, they have all essentially been following the same script, that of prioritizing neoliberal global corporatism above all else. Look at the chain of events and policy from Reagan, to Bush Sr., to Clinton, to GWB, and now to Obama. Virtually everything each of these men did strengthened the hand of Wall Street, corporate globalization and the military-industrial establishment, while weakening the structures, laws, and support systems for the people.

    I won’t pretend that I myself got it from the get-go, but it has become crystal clear to me since Obama took office that he has essentially been a continuation of Bush, albeit without the crass faux cowboy antics and verbal flubs. A lot of people wanted to believe Obama represented the beginning of real change in this country. I guess in a sense, he is leading to that. But many thought by finally electing an African-American president that this would symbolize something new and different in terms of our national politics. Yet so far, the only thing Obama has proved is that having a different skin color doesn’t necessarily make one a better or different kind of politician, and I believe the same lesson about gender would have followed Hillary Clinton had she won the presidency. Obama comes across more subtle than John McCain or Mitt Romney likely would have been, but therein lies the danger.

    I remain very curious about the approaching Pluto opposition to the US Sun in 2014 with Uranus also opposing the US Saturn. It seems both our structures (Saturn) and our basic identity (Sun) as a country are about to go through some major upheaval, which as Pat suggests, could lead to a more dramatic period of sweeping revolutionary change. Mancoskate’s post about a potential new state in “North Colorado” could very well be part of how this upheaval and change manifests. We may see several new states breaking away from existing ones, and perhaps joining with other states or even parts of Canada or Mexico to form alliances and even new nations. Lest anyone think this might be far fetched, consider the fate of the old Soviet Union, which collapsed and broke up into several constituent blocs when Pluto conjoined its Sun. A gridlocked, incompetent, and overstretched central government is always going to be in a very poor position to stop these kinds of uprisings from happening, and the US increasingly looks like a failing state. It may not even require our Pluto Return in 2022 for this to become a widely evident and pressing issue.


  4. Joe

    Hmm, looks like Snowden could be snowing us. I don’t know what to make of the following report, from an occasionally over-the-top source, “Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent.” Source here.


  5. Joe

    I’ve come to similar conclusions over the years. When you say, “”…and I believe the same lesson about gender would have followed Hillary Clinton had she won the presidency,” I would tend to agree, except that I doubt there was ever any real choice being offered to the voting public. It seems all pre-determined, and the run-up to the selection of the latest figurehead is another mass distraction that starts years ahead of the actual “voting,” so that by Selection Day, we’re mostly burned out on it. Meanwhile, huge amounts of money are wasted on an elaborate smoke and mirrors production. My theory is Obama was selected because any major criticism of his credibility and eligibility for the office could be derided as racism, and if Clinton had been selected, criticism could be chalked up to sexism. Nobody really wants to be accused of either so criticism gets muted. And either way, they have us over a barrel.

    Anyway, I’m tired of it and I’m tired of waiting for the public to catch on to being manipulated and being led about by the nose.


  6. Pat Post author

    Wow — great comments!

    “Kate,” thanks for the link to the CSM story. Whether or not they have a chance in hell of success, I clearly see a link to the Uranus-Pluto square here. It’s all part of the big picture.

    And what a big picture you paint, John. You’ve nailed the political situation in eloquent terms, including how boundaries might be redrawn. I’d never thought of it that way — which is precisely the point. We take so much for granted that we shouldn’t, because history is filled with examples of change, and you don’t need to go back too far. Thanks for adding to the discussion. I won’t see things the same again.


  7. Pat Post author

    Joe, there certainly are many questions about who Snowden is, and it’s legitimate to raise them. However, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the link you gave me. All that guy is doing is putting together a lot of facts already in the news and putting his twist on it. If Snowden was a “plant” or the whole thing a setup, we’d need a lot more proof than somebody on the Internet spouting his opinion. Again, I’m not saying he might not be right, but he’s not providing any evidence other than what makes “sense” to him. As I’ve said many times, news-gathering is a skill, and while many professional journalists aren’t doing a proper job, we need to be wary of self-proclaimed Internet “journalists” who are untrained and lacking in professional skills.

    When someone does something like Snowden appears to have done, it doesn’t make sense according to conventional beliefs and behavior, so it’s normal that many people automatically think he must have ulterior motives. As for his CIA ties … well, he wouldn’t have had access to all of that information if he wasn’t deeply connected. And he did in fact reveal information that wasn’t generally known. Sure, we’ve known that we were under surveillance, but we didn’t know the extent or the scope of the program. The additional facts may not come as any surprise, but they are indeed additional facts.

    Time will tell…


  8. Pat Post author

    Oh, and Joe … You’re right about his recent Saturn return. NBC is reporting his birthday as June 21, 1983, which gives him several planets plus North Node in Gemini. Transiting Jupiter just conjoined his NN and will conjoin his Sun shortly. He’s also got the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of his generation, plus Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius, the truth-seeker.


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