Weekly Forecast July 1: Sun Opposes Pluto, Squares Uranus

Sun and Fog. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

Sun and Fog. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

The United States is taking a lot of heat this week, literally and figuratively.

Record-breaking temperatures are baking much of the Western U.S. (To my readers in California and Arizona, I hope you are staying cool indoors.) The political heat is on, as well, just in time for the U.S. solar return – depending, of course, on which natal chart you use for the United States.

There are plenty of valid arguments for dates other than July 4, but this is the date on the Declaration of Independence, which we more or less consider our country’s birth certificate. It’s also the date in the collective consciousness, and so I’ll follow the people on this one. We were, after all, supposed to be a democracy. The exact time is debated as well, but according to Thomas Jefferson’s account, the debate was concluded in the evening. One of the best articles I’ve found discussing the U.S. birth chart was written by Dane Rudhyar in 1971. Rudhyar made a case for the popular “Sibly” chart, rectified by about four minutes.

I won’t do a complete analysis of the U.S. solar return chart, but I have a couple of comments to share. First, it is laid out similarly to the Cancer ingress chart I discussed in my June 17 forecast. In both charts, the Sun is in the fourth house, with the Uranus-Pluto square in the first and tenth. People are in a rebellious mood, and what transpires over the summer will continue to reverberate for an entire year. In both charts, Jupiter is sitting right on the fourth-house cusp, reinforcing the potential for devastating storms. There are a few major differences between the two charts, and of the two, I judge the solar return chart to be the most troublesome, which leads me to the conclusion that the summer’s political and weather-related activities will be a warm-up act for the rest of this year into mid-2014.

The two big astrological events of the summer are the grand water trine with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, and the cardinal T-square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Last week, the Sun formed a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune, giving us a taste of what’s to come under the more-powerful configuration, which peaks in mid-July. This week, the Sun forms the T-square, and so we’ll get a glimpse of what’s coming with the difficult Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto configuration in mid-August. I know, it’s all so confusing. And Mercury is retrograde, which doesn’t help with clarity or confidence.

Last week I watched The Prestige, with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as stage magicians in a death match to outdo one another’s illusions. David Bowie makes an appearance as real-life scientist Nikola Tesla, who is best known for his work with electricity. The plot jumps back and forth through time in a way I found confusing, but the nonlinear narrative was quite effective as a dramatic device, and it all made sense in the end. It seems as though current events are unfolding in a strange sort of discontinuous time, like in the film.

As this week begins, the cardinal T-square is already in effect, and it will remain in play through the weekend. The Sun forms an exact opposition to Pluto on Monday, and then squares Uranus on Thursday (late Wednesday in western time zones). Egypt is the latest hotbed of protest, and it looks like clashes are about to get violent as opponents of the current president call for his resignation.

Also on Monday, Venus squares Saturn, an astrological wet blanket if ever there was one. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry has called for a special legislative session to begin on Monday to readdress an abortion bill blocked last week after a filibuster by state Sen. Wendy Davis. Ceres is closely conjunct Venus and squares Saturn on Wednesday. It doesn’t look good for Davis and her supporters in the near term. If the legislative session drags on into the following week, the outlook is better for women’s rights advocates, as Venus will form a lovely trine to Uranus, planet of rebellion and change (the aspect is exact on July 7).

Saturn, meanwhile, is stationed to return direct next Monday. A planet is said to station when it appears to stop in the sky before changing direction. Stopped in Scorpio, Saturn will be stubborn as a mule. In general, I’d say that Saturn represents the “establishment,” but Saturn in Scorpio is a strange animal. Structures are ready to rot and break down, and with Uranus at the apex of a T-square, there’s no telling how events could defy even the surest of expectations.

Speaking of Uranus, T-squares, and rebellion, what better time could there be for reading the Declaration of Independence? If you haven’t done so in a while, I strongly suggest revisiting it. Our Founding Fathers – who surely would have been branded “terrorists” according to the current government definition – laid out quite a brilliant argument for abolishing a government that no longer serves the people. I have a feeling we could come up with a list of grievances as long as the colonists sent to King George.

The other aspect worth remarking on this week is the Moon’s entry into Cancer on Saturday. Normally, lunar movements are too fast to signify much more than fleeting events and moods. However, this will be the first conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter in Cancer. The Moon moves forward to conjoin Saturn and Neptune on Sunday. Again, we may get a quick glimpse of things to come as Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune approach an exact trine on July 17. That’s only a couple of weeks away, and it’s the most exciting, positive aspect we’ll experience all year.

Next week starts out with the New Moon in Cancer, so over the weekend start thinking about what projects you’d like to initiate. I just wish I could help you out in that regard with a StarGuide report, but that project is still on hold. Do keep in mind, though, that if you’d like a three-month transit report, you can order one for $19 (click here to see a sample).

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

4 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast July 1: Sun Opposes Pluto, Squares Uranus

  1. Charles

    I am still not sure about the Sibley chart. I always liked a different date, Nov 11, 1620 (Old Style), the signing of the Mayflower Compact on a ship (!) in Provincetown Harbor, time unknown but noon should be OK. If I have my Julien to Gregorian calendar correction right, that is actually Nov 21. And that is a very interesting chart indeed. Sun conjunct Mercury, exact in the 29th degree of Scorpio. Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra.


  2. Charles

    I am still not sure I like the Sibley chart. I always promote a different date, Nov 11, 1620 (Old Style), the signing of the Mayflower Compact on a ship (!) in Provincetown Harbor. If I have my Julian to Gregorian calendar correction right, that is actually Nov 21. And that is a very interesting chart indeed. Sun conjunct Mercury, exact in the 29th degree of Scorpio. Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra.


  3. Pat Post author

    Charles, it seems to me that using the Mayflower Compact for the birth chart of the United States is the equivalent of using your parents’ meeting date for your natal chart. I would bet that the chart for the date they met is very interesting, too.

    You do raise a good point, though, which is that picking the right date and time in mundane astrology can be tricky. The birth chart for Israel is a good example. Astrologers argue over whether the correct time should be the start of the meeting or when Ben-Gurion made his historic proclamation. But if you look at the content of the speech, the new country is to begin at midnight. Again, it seems to me that this is the equivalent of using a doctor’s announcement that a C-section will be performed as the birth time instead of the moment the baby actually comes into the world.

    So you see, even astrologers (and well-known ones) disagree on these points. Debating the assumptions is perfectly valid.


    1. Charles

      Hey you are on to something interesting there. I figured the “parents meeting” analogy would be like Columbus sighting America. We even have the time from his ship’s log (although it’s not clear how he calculated the time) and a suspected location. It’s pretty interesting too (assuming I got the Old Style dates correct again). Mars in Leo near the Ascendant in Virgo, with Merc/Venus conjunct in Scorpio, plus Pluto in Scorp, all in the 3rd house. I’ll upload a pic of my speculative chart for you, you’ll be amused.

      Anyway, I like the Mayflower Compact date because it’s the first government in the world to explicitly acknowledge that it rules by the consent of the governed. It’s the first modern government established on the continent, so it’s the ultimate predecessor of our current government (which uses that consent principle), even if it’s not the actual current ruling government. And besides, I like being a renegade and nobody picks that date to chart. LOL.


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