Weekly Forecast September 16: Full Moon in Pisces, Pluto Direct

A place of peace. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

A place of peace. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

Well, we managed to avert a war, for the timing being. It’s hard to know how far the diplomatic solution will go, given the turbulent astrological weather coming up in the middle of October.

This week promises to bring dramatic events, with a powerful triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn, and the lunar North Node, all in a supportive sextile to Pluto, just as the Lord of Darkness comes out of retrograde. The Full Moon in Pisces will heighten the tension.

Mercury, planet of communications, remains in diplomatic Libra through the end of September. He squared Pluto on Saturday, September 14. On Monday, he opposes Uranus, and he squares Jupiter on Thursday. Although the formation isn’t super-close (you can’t see it in the Full Moon chart below, because I program my settings for tight orbs), there’s nevertheless a loose grand cross – similar to the one made by Venus in late August. The grand cross is inherently more stable that the T-square, and as long as it’s active, there’s a greater chance of averting a war through international diplomacy.

There’s still a threat of military action; there’s certainly big talk of it, with Mercury in a dynamic sextile to Mars. Mercury’s square with Jupiter in Cancer suggests that the talk will be inflamed with appeals to national pride and religion. The wild card seems to be the Syrian opposition, which is mightily pissed off that they didn’t get the military strikes they were promised. The combination of a Venus-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio plus Pluto in Capricorn does suggest that someone was thrown under the bus. I wouldn’t automatically assume it was the rebel coalition, but they’re one of the better candidates. Mercury in Libra makes nice talk for public consumption, while the real dealing is going on far outside of public view. And with the ruthless planetary configuration of Saturn and Pluto, reinforced by a vengeful Venus, black ops are well within the realm of possibility.

From an astrological perspective, it’s not surprising Putin provided a way out – or, at least, that he was the point man. As you’ll recall from previous forecasts, the current crisis spiraled out of control when Jupiter moved into a square with Uranus and opposition with Pluto. The T-square was exact between August 7 and August 21, the day of the horrific chemical weapons attack. To find the “way out” of a T-square, we look at what’s opposite the apex. As it turns out, Putin’s Sun at 13 degrees Libra is very close to that point, and it will stay close throughout the Uranus-Pluto square, which extends into 2015. Tumultuous events next April are going to be particularly rough for Putin, who will take heat from all sides. Obama’s current troubles will look mild in comparison. It’s almost better that Obama is getting slammed now. By next spring, some of the most difficult transits to his natal chart will have eased up.

One of the aspects I’ve been watching closely is the sextile between Saturn and Pluto, with the two planets in mutual reception. The third and final of three exact alignments in this cycle takes place On Saturday (September 21), the day after Pluto comes out of retrograde and with Saturn conjunct not only Venus, but the lunar North Node, a marker for destiny. This is huge. Among other things, it’s where I see the superpowers negotiating behind the scenes for interests that have little to do with chemical weapons and dying babies. It could take months, perhaps even years, before we know what went on behind triple-locked doors. There’s no question that energy resources are involved in the conflict – not so much oil, but natural gas. A recent deal between Russia and Israel – yes, you read that right – could change the entire geopolitical landscape in the Middle East, which would have ramifications for the entire world as we know it. Syria is literally caught in the middle. There’s even speculation that the country could be partitioned – a real possibility, given that Pluto is turning direct within half a degree of its Sun.

Full Moon in Pisces

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The Full Moon on Thursday is at 26°41′ Pisces, with the Sun at 26°41′ Virgo. The Sun and Moon make no aspects to other planets, although it’s worth noting that the Moon is at its fullest a few minutes after sunrise in Washington, D.C. Once again, that puts the spotlight on the president and his decision, for whatever reason, to back off from an aggressive stance on Syria. Despite his insistence that the “polls” had nothing to do with it, I have to believe that he indeed heard the resounding voice of a vast majority of Americans. I can’t remember a time when so many people from all over the political spectrum agreed on anything. Moving forward against such overwhelming public opinion would have been sheer folly, and it would have weakened his presidency far more than the accusations flying around that he’s a wimp for not making good on a threat. If I were Obama’s astrologer, I would have advised him to do exactly what he did (eventually), and I’d advise him to continue to lie low until late November.

It’s also important to note that the co-rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, both are in water signs, as are Venus and Saturn. I’m not well-versed in weather astrology, but I’m concerned about the possibility of more flooding at the Full Moon. Keep an eye on weather reports in your area. The National Weather Service issues special alerts for floods, high winds, and other major storm systems.

Personally, this Full Moon pits the ideal against what’s practical. I’m all for following your bliss – a very Piscean concept – but reality checks are necessary from time to time, especially for those prone to pipe dreams. Artists and musicians need to eat, and poets need to find a way to keep body and sensitive soul together. It’s a tough balance to maintain. As an astrologer and writer, I can well attest to that.

This Full Moon also pits addictive and escapist behavior against self-discipline and healthy habits. This is a good time for a detox regimen, even if it’s just for three days. The Full Moon is actually a better time to start a diet than the New Moon if your goal is to lose weight or eliminate a bad habit.

Next Sunday, September 22, is the autumn equinox, when the Sun enters Libra. I’ve started analyzing the Libra ingress, but rather than writing another book-length forecast, I’ll do a second post in a few days.

Before I wrap up, I’ll leave with you with my favorite links of the week. Thank you to those of you who e-mailed or posted links. It’s more important now than ever before that we stay informed. To do that, we have to look beyond the mainstream media and share what we find.

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