Weekly Forecast June 30: Mercury Direct, Sun Opposite Pluto

Butting heads with authority. Following the announcement of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, protesters in New York City pulled down the statue of King George III. Painting by Johannes Adam Simon Oertel, c. 1859.

Butting heads with authority. Following the announcement of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, protesters in New York City pulled down the statue of King George III. Painting by Johannes Adam Simon Oertel, c. 1859.

No one will be happier than I when Mercury turns direct this week. Tuesday. At precisely 5:49:55 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

I have no idea why this Mercury retrograde period hit me so hard, and not even in the way it “should” have, according to where it is transiting my birth chart. Then, with Mercury in his own sign of Gemini, all things related to communications, including blogs, are subject to disruption. Posting this forecast has been a nightmare.

I just read Ray Merriman’s weekly column and saw that he is scratching his head over this one, too. I feel a little better knowing that one of the world’s most experienced and respected astrologers couldn’t make any more sense of it than I could. Ray also comments that predictions in the political and financial world won’t be reliable, as so much is in flux right now.

There does seem to be an increase in the chaos on earth, if that’s possible – like being “a little pregnant.” Just for the heck of it, I looked up chaos in the Web dictionary, which defines it as “complete disorder and confusion,” with synonyms disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, uproar, maelstrom; muddle, mess, shambles, free-for-all; anarchy, lawlessness, entropy. There are a few additional informal synonyms, including all hell broken loose.

That pretty much sums up the latest news headlines. In times of such massive upheaval, it might help to keep in mind that the material world was born out of chaos, and it’s out of chaos that a new civilization will emerge.

Hopefully, some small amount of order will be restored in our daily lives when Mercury returns direct this week. It usually takes him a couple of days to recover, and during that time, related activities can move very slowly. If you’ve been waiting to hear from someone, don’t expect the call bright and early on Tuesday morning. Conversely, if you’ve been waiting to send out important correspondence or to sign a contract, Tuesday is your day. Just check to make sure Mercury is actually direct before making your move. In Europe, it will be Tuesday afternoon – 1:50 p.m. in London, 2:50 p.m. in Paris.

The Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday and remains there Wednesday and Thursday, making it easier to get back on task and tend to details that may have fallen through the cracks.

On Friday, the Sun opposes Pluto. For a day or so on either side, we’ll be in another grand cross as the Sun takes up the position vacated by Jupiter. Mars is widely involved, but close enough for government work, as they say. I seriously doubt we’ll see anything like the events of April, but watch for new developments in ongoing crises – not likely a game-changer, but possibly an unpleasant surprise you could do without. Making headway is harder and might require butting heads with an authority figure.

Speaking of government, Friday is the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States, the day that most people think of as the U.S. “birthday.” In the chart for July 4, 1776, the Sun is at 13 degrees Cancer. Friday’s Sun-Pluto opposition falls at 12 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Again, I don’t expect any new developments, but I do think there could be serious new developments in crises that have been going on for the past year and especially since last summer. On the positive side, diplomatic talks should fare better after Mercury’s return direct in the U.S. seventh house. Also on the Fourth, Venus, planet of peace and mediation, enters the U.S. seventh house and immediately forms a helpful trine with the U.S. Saturn in Libra. Watch the headlines around this time for news of progress in sensitive international negotiations. The Moon’s entry into Libra on Friday lends additional support.

Juno. © Pat Paquette, 2014.

Juno. © Pat Paquette, 2014.

That’s pretty much it for this week. Next week, we’ll have the Full Moon in Capricorn, and the following week Jupiter enters Leo, bringing yet another major shift.

I’m still working out how I’m going to offer reports, but if you have an immediate question or concern and would like some guidance, e-mail me, and we can work something out. Also, if you would like a telephone consultation, contact me to get on my waitlist right away.

Before I go, I want to announce that I am the proud parent of a new baby. Her name is Juno, and she’s 3 months old. She gradually will begin helping out with my astrology work, and she will see to it that I stay humble. Already, I’ve had to lose my smug superiority over those who waste time on Facebook posting adorable kitten pictures.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

© Pat Paquette, RealAstrologers.com, 2014.