Weekly Forecast February 2: New Moon in Leo, Sun Sextile Uranus

Imbolc snowdrops. Wikipedia image.

Imbolc snowdrops. Wikipedia image.

Depending on which calendar you choose to follow, Monday is either the midpoint of winter or the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

In our culture, the seasons begin at the four cardinal points: the equinoxes at Aries and Libra, and the solstices at Capricorn and Cancer. However, ancient cultures such as the Celts considered those points to be the peak of the four seasons. Midwinter occurred at the solstice, which in the Christian religion became Christmas. The Celts began their seasons on the cross-quarter days, which fall halfway between the cardinal points. They celebrated the first day of spring on the feast of Imbolc, the return of the light, which in our calendar is February 2 (some say February 1). The Christians incorporated it into their religious calendar as Candlemas, but this tradition dates back to time long before history began, when people rejoiced to see the light after the dark, cold winter.

This is a fitting message for us, not just this week, but as we head into the final peak of the Uranus-Pluto square and into the post-aspect period. As we learned when the cycle began in the mid-1960s, some of the most dramatic developments occurred two years later and had an impact into the 1970s and beyond. But we also began to understand the positive changes that grew out of the 60s revolution.

Likewise, we’re just beginning to see some new growth out of the ashes of the systems being broken down under the Uranus-Pluto square. The breakdown will continue, but there are hints of what might be ahead. The light is returning. New growth is breaking through the frozen ground.

One of things that has been so hard under the Uranus-Pluto square is that the challenges we’re facing seem insurmountable. “How are we going to get ourselves out of this mess?” we might ask. Well, patterns are beginning to form. Last week we saw voters in Greece take a stand against draconian austerity measures that caused unemployment and poverty to soar. It’s not clear yet how the new government will fare, but the act of defiance was a sign that social structures favoring the world’s wealthiest few are cracked and close to collapse.

So much of what we read and see in the mainstream news and even in some of alternative media is meant to divert attention from government corruption and abuse of power, to keep us in fear and anxiety. We hear little if anything about what people are doing in their own communities to bring power back to individuals. The latter is important, because that’s where the hope lies, and it’s where each of us really can make a difference.

Click on image for larger view.

Click on image for larger view.

This week’s Full Moon in Leo perfectly expresses the message of how individuals bring their special gifts and creativity to the group for the betterment of all, while the group’s responsibility is to provide a supportive environment for individuals to be creative and inspired. Aquarius demands freedom, not out of selfishness but in the knowledge that when people are oppressed, they lose their creative spirit. Leo rules the heart, and it is the heart that suffers when individual creative expression is stifled.

Throughout history, those in power have attempted to keep it by sowing dissent so that people fight among themselves instead of rising up against rulers who abuse the public trust. Nowhere is that more evident than in party politics. People seem to be catching on, though, that the two party system in the United States doesn’t offer much of a choice. And yet there’s virtually no hope of electing a third-party candidate. Or is there? Last week, I stumbled on a Web site that shows how disenfranchised voters on both sides can come together and find a third way. It’s brilliant, when you think about it. A third way just might be the way out.

Tuesday’s Full Moon makes a lovely angle to Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius and planet of genius. It can come in flashes, like a bolt of lightning. Ideas are out there. Look for them! Be encouraged that there actually are ways to change the trajectory we’re on.

At this point, I’m going to have to wrap up. I’ve been struggling with severe back and neck pain all week and am coming out of a two-day migraine. There are a few other aspects this week, but most of them are promising and optimistic, and the couple of less-positive ones aren’t terrible. Do keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde, so try not to be too impatient with delays and communications mix-ups.

Much love and courage to all,
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5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast February 2: New Moon in Leo, Sun Sextile Uranus

  1. Nancy

    The square has been so unrelenting–sometimes it takes all your strength just to breathe in and out. I’m hoping for relief soon, maybe that’s a childish fantasy. Hope you feel better, too. The tension/stress goes through our bodies and it’s rough.

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  2. Pat Post author

    Thank you, everyone, for the good wishes.

    Shavawn, being so out of it all last week, I didn’t realize what a rough week it was overall. This morning I spoke with a friend and passed along your comment. She agreed and said it was true for everyone she knew. I’m sure Mercury retrograde isn’t helping, but we can’t blame it all on that.


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