A Fiery Duo – Independent Leo Lady & Aries Man

One look at this Leo lady’s chart and it’s obvious she is someone to be reckoned with . . . Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo and Scorpio Rising. She is in a relationship with an Aries man and wishes to make it last. Her independent nature is underlined by Uranus in Scorpio (Rising sign) squaring her Sun (Leo’s ruler). I am going to take a quick look at how her Sun and Mars are aspected in her chart because those two planets rule her Ascendant and her Sun sign.

Since we’re talking Leo here, I’ll look at the aspects to her Sun first. It comes as no surprise to find the closest aspect to her Sun is a sextile from her Mars in Gemini, adding to her abundant energy. And the next closest is a sextile from Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio – underlining the theme of this being a very forceful individual. A trine from Neptune in Sagittarius located in her first house lends a measure of elusive charm and softens the edges of her Sun/Uranus square. This adds up to a woman who needs a partner who is capable of appreciating her strong and decisive nature while allowing her lots of latitude.

Her Mars falls in her 7th House and is trine to Pluto and opposed by Neptune. Often a planet in the 7th represents the type of person we are attracted too, and with Mars there, an Aries is a natural choice. With Neptune involved, I anticipate a certain romanticism and illusive quality projected on potential partners too. Mars in Gemini squares her Mercury in Virgo located in the 10th house, so her mind is very keen and penetrating.

For the most part their synastry is OK using the shorthand method – Sun/Moon in Leo and Sun in Aries semi-sextile Moon in Pisces, Mercury’s complement one another, Moons possibly inconjunct which may mean sharing a home could have its awkward moments and their chemistry from Mars to Venus is so so. However there are good parallels: Both have Fire Suns, their Venuses are sextile as are their Mars, off setting some of the other aspects.

To me the most fascinating synastry aspect involves his Venus conjuncting her Taurus Descendant. Venus in his chart is dynamically aspected by all the outer planets, in fact Venus is far more heavily aspected than his Aries Sun! His Venus is the focus of a Yod with inconjuncts to Pluto sextile Neptune and opposed by Uranus falling roughly at the midpoint between Pluto and Neptune. Saturn in Virgo is trine his Venus. Without an accurate birth time for him, we don’t know where Venus falls in his chart but I’m betting it’s some place significant. In essence, this suggests to me in this particular relationship, he will be the yielding Venusian partner bringing subtlety and richness to their interactions as a couple. Her Saturn is square to his Venus adding the possibility of durability here.

A couple of other synastry aspects of importance are his Uranus conjunct her Ascendant – instant attraction – and his North Node in Leo/Mars in Leo conjunct her mid-heaven. Both have a lot to do with the attractive draw between these two and a certain fated quality.

Will this be a lasting relationship for them? Well, she is past her Saturn Return and he’s coming up on his within the next year and that’s a plus. If they are both comfortable with her being the assertive partner, then I see a good outcome here. Best wishes to the two of them!

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