Another Perspective on Ceres, now a Dwarf Planet: Natural Cycles

Ceres is traditionally associated with hard work, mothering of older children, nurturing, food – especially fruits and vegetables, farming/gardening and other Earthy matters. However, a recent article in The Mountain Astrologer by Carrie Megginson, Asteroid Goddesses and Birth Order, shows Ceres in a different light. She suggests Ceres is far more pragmatic and bent on selecting and refining the characteristics of the external world to meet her needs and moods. The Moon is the place to look for endless warmth and nurturing. I found her idea of relating Ceres to the ever-returning cycles of the farming year very sound: cycles of plenty and want, growth and death, preparation and consumption. It’s this awareness of natural cycles that I had in mind when looking at the charts of various people I know to see the part Ceres played.Ceres in aspect to Personal PlanetsThe first thing I looked for was Ceres forming any type of aspect to a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars). Since I have no real sense of how powerful Ceres is, I didn’t use an orb of more than 3 degrees at most. What I found was the type of aspect, either major or minor, didn’t’ seem to make that much difference; it was the connection that mattered. If there was no close aspect, then it appeared that Ceres was not that active in their charts or in their lives.

What emerged was those people with Ceres in aspect to their personal planets have an interest in and an awareness of the cycles of Nature. If they were farmers like my S/O and father, then they were very in touch with the weather and the changing of the Seasons and how that would affect the crops they were growing. My brother has been involved in research into the ebb and flow of the Arctic ice – very much related to the larger cycles! Others of us have a deep reverence and appreciation for this planet we live on and are always aware of what’s happening out-of-doors. There are lots of gardeners in this group but of the sort that have to have some kind of green, growing things around them at all times – inside and outside. There are several people who could be considered Pagans in their belief system.

Ceres in the Houses

When I looked to see what House Ceres fell in another interesting pattern emerged. I will stipulate that I only noted the House if I was sure of the birth time.

Two people had Ceres in their first house. One of those is my S/O who has his Moon conjunct Ceres there and his whole identity revolves around growing crops of one kind or another. He reads National Geographic magazine cover to cover and insists we sit and watch the local weather report together if possible. This is an individual deeply attuned to the rhythms of the Natural World. The other person is our beloved tseka who told us others see her slender self as an “Earth Mother” figure and whose paintings show a profound relationship with cycles and seasons and nature. For both of these individuals the face they show the world is one of deep connection to Nature.

There were four of us with Ceres in the Third House. Of those four, three of us use either photos we’ve taken or carefully selected pictures to illustrate the point we’re seeking to make in regards to the cycles of the world around us. The fourth person is a wordsmith who uses words to evoke the images. All of us are devoted to communicating our deep interest and awareness of the Nature and her cycles.

The people with Ceres in their Fourth House or on the cusp of the Fourth House have sought to reconnect to the old ways in one form or another. Two of them are a gay couple who have a life style based on Wicca belief systems and honor those beliefs as their roots. Another makes the trip every July to the Black Hills in South Dakota to take part in the Sun Dance of the Sioux peoples even though as far as I know he’s not Native American in ancestry. By the way, that’s a very, very grueling way to celebrate the connection to Gaia . . .

The Sixth House group is in the Health field one way or another. My sister has spent the better part of her adult life caring for elderly people in their homes, seeing that they have decent food and care and easing the way as their lives draw to a close. She has a strong sense of the cycles of growth and death. Another individual is determined to make changes to our broken health care system from the inside . . . she’s on her way to becoming a hospital administrator. And we are all familiar with Joe’s deep knowledge of healthy lifestyle and foods.

The two people with a Twelfth House Ceres I don’t know well enough to get more than a sense that these are the ones who hold the Dream of best possible dance of the Mother, possibly the most important ones of all even if they are not aware of it yet.

In conclusion, I wish to make a further distinction between those individuals that have a “green thumb” and those with an active Ceres. As a person with both, including a Virgo Mid-Heaven, from my perspective the Ceres energy concerns itself with the big picture, the larger cycles as well as the day-to-day cultivating of growing things, etc. From all the people whose charts I’ve noted above, I get the sense they have an awareness of the necessity and importance of connecting to the deep rhythms of this planet we live on, the application of that awareness is the difference as shown by the House Ceres is posited in.

This was one of those serendipitous photos. I didn’t realize the “doorway” was there until I was editing on my computer. Love it!! :-)

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