Books on Transits: Robert Hand & Betty Lundsted

Robert Hand’s book on transits is considered a “must have” for most astrologers. He covers all the planets transiting through the Houses as well as aspecting each other. Of course, this is classic “cookbook” style with each aspect discussed separately. However, if you are a beginning astrologer or an experienced one, you can always learn something from reading Robert’s take on a particular transit.
Betty Lunsted’s book is much smaller and more generalized in approach and she focuses mainly on the planets from Jupiter on out to Pluto. I prefer her style because it encourages you to think outside the box a little more. She contends the strongest effect of a transit is felt during the waxing 10 degrees and once the transit is exact, the effect fades quickly. This has been my personal experience too.

The best way to learn about transits is to sit down with an ephemeris and your own chart and start tracing Saturn and Uranus transits in particular. The reason I like those two planets is because they have more obvious effects and it’s easier to see the connections between the chart and the transit. Another key to understanding transits is realizing what may appear like a sudden event usually is the end result of a much longer internal process. One of the great things about the astro-blogosphere is having a wealth of information on what happens during various transits. Elsa Elsa is a great place to go because she has tons of information about her experiences and feedback from her readers relating to transits. Having an experienced astrologer go over your chart and transits is also of great benefit. Reading one’s own chart and transits just isn’t the same . . . there is a very good reason astrologers like to trade readings with one another.


Here are links to my reviews of “Healing Pluto Problems” and “The Hades Moon”. If you have a strong Plutonian influence in your chart and feel a little overwhelmed at times, I highly recommend both those books.

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