Difficult Separation with Neptune involved

When I read this person’s email requesting a post on the synastry of a relationship that has been a source of grief, it brought all kinds of memories of a similar relationship of mine to the surface. I have Moon conjunct Neptune and had to learn through painful experience to know the difference between manifested potential and the un-manifested variety.This young woman has a 29 degree Scorpio sun forming an out-of-sign conjunction with Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius. Add the natural intuitive abilities of Scorpio to a Mercury/Neptune conjunction and you have someone who sees/intuits more than most. Learning to use this sensitivity wisely, as I have found, is one of those lifelong projects . . . drat!

Her former lover is a Taurus Sun and Cancer Moon. His Sun in semi-sextile to her Moon in Gemini and her Scorpio Sun is trine his Moon in Cancer. On the surface this looks pretty good. A closer look at the charts reveals that she has Moon conjunct Saturn giving her a strong sense of responsibility to others and her Moon/Saturn is opposed to his Neptune. The Neptune person can take advantage of the Moon person by playing on their emotions and putting her Moon/Saturn into a “mother” role – not healthy for her.

His Moon in Cancer is semi-sextile her Moon in Gemini and here again, we have to look at the Saturn factor. Cancer Moons are usually very sensitive sorts and on the moody side and a Moon/Saturn individual can read as security to them. This may be because a Moon/Saturn can come across like a Moon in Capricorn and that’s the natural complement for Cancer.

Their Mercury’s are inconjunct with hers in Sagittarius and his in Taurus making communications a bit less than satisfactory. I have the feeling that her Mercury/Neptune intuits her way through more often than not. Mercury in Taurus can be stubborn and tenacious in their opinions too.

It’s the sexual chemistry that is a major factor between them. With her Sun in Scorpio yearning for a deep cathartic sexual experience and his Taurus Sun giving him great sensuality, it’s easy to see why sex would be a factor here. His Mars is in Aquarius trine to her Venus in Libra and her Mars in Scorpio opposes his Venus in Taurus. Yup, that works all too well.

Another interesting factor is they both have Capricorn Ascendants within 5 degrees of exact. This is a strong draw as they share a similar way of relating to the World around them and gives them similar manners in the way they present themselves.

Another sobering aspect to be considered in his Moon in Cancer is within 3 degrees of her South Node in Cancer. From personal experience I have found the aspect can create dependency issues for both parties unless handled with great awareness on both sides. He has a T-Square with his Cancer Moon at the apex with Chiron and Uranus squaring it. That yells at me this individual need to spend time finding out what’s going on with himself before he can be a good candidate for part of a viable partnership.

The Five of Cups seemed appropriate here. Lots of great Tarot decks out there now.

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