Friendship with Pluto Overtones – is Age Difference a Factor?

In this particular relationship there seems to be two different parallel tracks. One shows classic markers for friendship and why they like to spend time in each others company; and the other illustrates how Pluto can be a force to be reckoned with in synastry. This is a Sagittarius Sun woman who is 21 years older than her Pisces Sun male friend.First, I will walk through the classic side. These two both have Moon conjoined the Ascendant in Gemini and within about a 10 degree orb. I consider this factor very important to their ability to relate to one another. Gemini Moon is most happy chatting with others and Gemini Ascendant is all about curiosity and is very social. It would be completely natural for these to gravitate towards one another in a social setting and happy talk for hours. Both having Moon in Gemini is great for mutual understanding of what makes the other feel comfortable emotionally.

Another classic aspect is her Sun/Venus is exactly conjoined to his 7th House Cusp. This is another indication of natural partnership and ease of functioning together particularly in a social setting. His Neptune in Sagittarius is conjoined to her Mercury/Saturn in her 7th House; placing more emphasis on this sense of empathy and the 7th House of one-on-one relationships. In other words, we have two people find the other a natural complement on one level.

There is an intra-aspect with Neptune to Mars between these charts. Her Neptune is trine his Mars/Sun and his Neptune is inconjunct her Mars. This brings in a possibility of expectations that may or may not be fulfilled and the question of unmanifested potential clouding the waters. Neptune is very, very good at confusing everything he touches . . . darn him anyway!

With her Sun and Moon part of a T-Square with Pluto at the apex, this is a very Plutonian individual. She is aware of this as is most often the case when Pluto has his footprints all over us. Having Pluto factored into their Moon connection makes this relationship a LOT more intense for both of them. Now, he has a Yod with Sun/Moon and Pluto – Pluto being the focus point of the Yod (inconjunct both Sun and Moon). This creates another common bond and level of understanding as they are both intense Plutonian types.

As is often the case when I start looking at chart synastry, the story unfolds in the process. There is a very good reason these two are drawn to each other. They have strong parallels in their charts (Pluto/Sun/Moon aspects) and the vehicle (Moon/ASC conjoined) to help bring insight to one another. It is very possible this relationship is a gift to these people and from what I’m seeing from an astrological perspective, a boon to both. Transiting Saturn in Virgo is a major player as he is approaching his Saturn Return and Saturn is on her Pluto now. An understanding friend is always welcome in my book! :-D

The Six of Cups has alway represented the best friendship has to offer for me – a shared gift of the best kind.

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