Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South . . .

From the time I discovered the Moon’s Nodes and started reading about them, oh about 20-30 yrs ago, how they work in our charts and lives has been a niggling problem for me. It seems to me the Nodes are more like the outer planets in the effects they have on us. Much less tangible than a good solid Mars transit for instance – we know when Mars hits our vulnerable points! The North Node is where we need to develop new skills & awareness and the South Node is where we have a treasure trove of experience to draw on. Sounds fairly simple, but it’s not – as anyone who has their Nodes activated by transit, or by someone else’s personal planets/angles hitting their nodes. My Nodes are closely aspected by nPluto in Leo, and widely by my Moon in Libra. Since NN in Gemini is about actively participating in Society/the collective, it helps to have a Libra sun/moon and Venus in the first house. Going around inadvertently insulting people and generally making as ass of one’s self is not very helpful . . . BTW, that’s one of the main reasons I stay away from drugs & alcohol. Right around the time of my first Saturn Return, I became aware that when I was drunk/high, I behaved in a really self-centered way and was generally oblivious to anyone else’s interests beyond my own immediate desires.The major challenge for me has revolved around living in urban areas (Gemini), or in the country (Sagittarius). For ten years I lived in cities & towns, and that was OK but I’m far happier living in the countryside near a town. And with the Internet the possibilities for belonging to a community/collective are much expanded. It does seem important for me to find information, evaluate it and make it accessible to others in my various communities. The synchronicity that flows through many of my online connections is demonstrating this is the place for me. Mind you, it took many years of trial & error plus a transit of Pluto over my SN to realize some of this!!

A few words about that Pluto transit. That was when I went back to working outside the home after a 10 year hiatus. The next two years were a crash course in learning to really use a computer, the Internet and how to survive a really awful employer; all skills that have proved useful and have helped my journey towards my Gemini NN. The Sagittarius SN in the first house made my first survival option one of retreating to the “cave”, and after the Pluto wake-up call, I choose to stay out in the world, interacting with others on a daily basis and have continued to learn & use the internet/computers. Actually I like computers and other high tech equipment a lot – regard them as very useful tools.

I believe my chart is “user friendly” for my Moon Nodes, so learning experiences involving them were gentler than some – which either means time has softened the impact or there must have been a tradeoff for agreeing to have a very actively involved Pluto . . . once Pluto teaches the “Surrender or Else” lesson a number of times, even stubborn Fixed sign emphasis types like myself get it!!!

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