“Healing Pluto Problems” by Donna Cunningham, Neith’s Review

I got this book yesterday and sat down and read most of it in one sitting. There was a LOT of information that I could relate to immediately and more that will no doubt hit home with some time . . . Donna Cunningham is an astrologer, practicing therapist and counselor. She’s done a lot of work with addictive personalities over the years and bases her conclusions on first hand experience and the study of many charts. She also cops to being a Plutonian herself with Pluto on her Ascendant.You are a Plutonian if you have the following aspects in your chart:

~Pluto in difficult aspect to a personal planet or Angle, particularly the Ascendant and MC
~Strong Scorpio influence in the chart
~A full 8th House

I qualify . . . Jupiter, Mars, Mercury in Scorpio square to Pluto in Leo; Moon sextile Pluto and a Scorpio Ascendant. Fun, huh . . . Donna speculates in the book that the transits of Pluto in Scorpio to the Pluto in Leo folk could cause them to undergo a transmutation into a generation of psychologically aware healers. For me personally that was a major transit that made changes so deep I just beginning to be able to access and make some use of them. Healing and helping others to identify and resolve their issues through the medium of Astrology is part of who I am.

For my fellow Plutonians out there, I cannot recommend this book enough. For no other reason than Donna has some great tools we can use to loosen the sticky fingers of our favorite obsessions from our psyche. It was a simple affirmation from her book, “An Astrological Guide to Self Awareness”, that turned my head around. Oh yeah, the proper application of that obsessive nature is to cure ourselves . . . who better?! :-)

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