Looking Past Square Sun Signs

This relationship is a great example of why it’s a good idea to look past the Sun signs for compatibility. We have a Libra woman and Cancer man who love each other very much and get along quite well. Looking deeper into the synastry between their charts it becomes clear why they are compatible. In this case, there are several excellent examples of parallels between their charts as well as more usual interchanges.To keep this post a reasonable length I will give a brief run down of the shorthand synastry first. She has a Libra Sun, Gemini Moon and he is a Cancer Sun and Sagittarius Moon. The Sun & Moon are sextile and semi-sextile, both good aspects with just enough challenges to keep it interesting. Their Moons are in opposition forming a natural complement. Now their Mercury’s are square (Libra to Cancer) but since these two are Cardinal signs they might enjoy sparing!

Their chemistry is notably good from two different perspectives. First, they both have Venus in Virgo, shared sense of fun and aesthetics; and his Mars in Taurus is sextile her Mars in Cancer making it easy for them to work together as a team. Of course the Venus/Mars aspects are sextile and trine . . . nice!

It’s the parallels between the charts I found particularly interesting. Parallels come in very handy to understanding what makes the other tick because the approach is very similar. I will start with their Suns. Both of them have a strong Sun/Uranus aspect natally – she has Sun conjunct Uranus and he has Sun square Uranus. This is very good for knowing deep down just how important a feeling of autonomy is and how much space is necessary to avoid feeling trapped. On the other hand, they both have Sun/Saturn aspects coming down on the responsible side! He has Sun conjunct Saturn and her Sun is square Saturn.

They both have their Suns in aspect to Chiron too by square and opposition. This parallel aspect may prove extremely beneficial over the long run or it could be very difficult to live with. It all depends on how well they can handle their sensitivity to criticism and if they can help build up each other’s self esteem.

Neptune aspects both their Moons, his by conjunction and her by opposition; and they both have Venus square Neptune. Now I’d venture to say this is a pair of complete romantics. The Venus/Neptune square is especially fond of viewing the beloved through rose-colored glasses. If Saturn wasn’t a solid player in their synastry, Neptune could lead them down some strange and beautiful by-ways, possibly causing a serious hangover when reality intruded.

The final component strongly affecting this relationship is both having North Node in Scorpio. The reason this caught my eye is because his NN in conjunct his Ascendant and hers is within orb of this conjunction. Does this mean they will aid each other in transforming themselves? They do have a Pluto/Mercury intra-aspect giving their communications a decided depth and power. I believe I can safely say no matter the length of their relationship, it will have a profound affect on them both . . . Blessings to them and to the best possible outcome.

This is the Lovers card from the Hanson Roberts tarot deck.

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