Love at a Distance, is there Hope?

When I received this request for a post looking at the charts of these two, it touched me because I’ve been in this place before. Interestingly enough, this may just work for them! He’s in the Navy and not around right now and she can’t get him out of her mind and she’s wondering why.

With her Sun in Aries, this is a naturally independent person – a quality enhanced by having Jupiter conjunct her Sun. She also has the North Node in Aries right in there too suggesting that being independent and a self-starter is exactly right for her now. Her Sun receives additional support from a nice trine from Saturn in Sagittarius. The source of her tendency to worry about emotional issues stems from her Cancer Moon squared by Jupiter in his role of magnifier.

A quick look at their shorthand synastry looks good too. Her Aries Sun is trine his Leo Moon on the plus side but her Cancer Moon squares his Libra Sun. As a Libra Sun person myself, I would suggest using reason rather than emotional appeals when dealing with Libra. Their Moons are semi-sextile indicating minor annoyances when sharing living quarters but not that bad.

Their Mercury’s are opposed with hers in Pisces and his in Virgo. These signs are compatible by Element but can lead to lively discussions. This should not be a problem since Libra likes talking and Aries is always up for “lively”! When it comes to chemistry, it’s just fine. A nice complement of her Venus in Pisces to his Mars in Virgo with some extra zing created between her Mars in Taurus squaring his Venus in Leo.

They have a couple of excellent intra-aspects too. One of the best is between their Moons and Jupiter’s – this one has good will, friendship and simple pleasure in each other’s company written all over it. For adding durability and a sense of mutual emotional support is an intra-aspect with both Moons trine the other Saturn.

An interesting note is an inconjunct between his Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius and her Moon in Cancer. As long as he’s in the Service and they are together, he will most likely be called away from home at irregular intervals and for long periods of time. If she can become comfortable with that and learn to practice being the naturally independent soul she is this may work. Pluto and Jupiter both have been transiting her Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius, so she may have already started learning about the true meaning of freedom – that it can be a state of mind. I wish her well and both of them the best!

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